Hilton Gold status for India-issued Visa Signature cards as well!

A few days back I posted about the free Hilton status for Visa Infinite card holders issued in Asia Pacific. A reader, AW, left me a comment which said:

Worked like a charm with my ICICI Jet Airways Sapphiro Visa Card (Visa Signature).

Ah well, I was being lazy and did not try this myself before. So, I pulled out my ICICI issued Visa Signature (the Jet Airways one), and turned out it passes the check. Also, then I checked the same with my Citibank Ultima credit card as well. It again went ahead and asked me to put in my Hilton digits and password. Since I already have status with Hilton, I did not do this bit, but you for sure can try this out. Since it worked with the Signature level cards of two banks, I could guess it’d work with others as well.

Why is Hilton a great deal this season in India? If you book your stays by 30th April 2013, there is a 20% off sale going on for all Hilton properties across India if you head up to www.hiltonindia.com.


So if I were you without status, I’d pocket it right away since you get some good perks with this one. Check the original post for details!

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