Hyatt partners Small Luxury Hotels conglomerate

There is one complaint which I get to hear over and over from World of Hyatt members is the lack of options that Hyatt offers just around 700 hotels. Comparing this number to Marriott’s 6500-hotel strong network, I understand what they are getting at. They have a full-fledged alliance with MGM Resorts and are also

Earlier this week Hyatt announced that they would enter into a strategic alliance with Small Luxury Hotels Of The World (SLH). SLH is a network of over 500 independent luxury hotels spread over 80 countries around the world. This new partnership is expected to take shape by the end of this year.

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With this new development, World of Hyatt members will be able to earn and burn points at more than 1200 hotels, significantly expanding World of Hyatt’s offerings in the luxury segment. Details on what exactly is in store for World of Hyatt members, as well as folks who are part of SLH’s INVITED loyalty program, are not out yet.

What this means for SLH is that now more than 10 million World of Hyatt member would be able to book stays and earn rewards at their properties. Considering how exclusive their properties are, this move gets them visibility in front of a large number of seasoned travelers. SLH has a significant footprint in Asia and Europe, which will compensate for the comparatively small footprint of Hyatt in these continents.

Hyatt does have some of the most luxurious hotels’ money (or points) could buy, with the Park Hyatt, Goa being one of the finest hotels in India. Once this partnership kicks in, World of Hyatt member should be spoilt for choice when it comes to luxury hotels.


Hyatt’s strategic loyalty alliance with Small Luxury Hotels Of The World comes as a welcome move, as this tie-up almost doubles the number of hotels that World of Hyatt Members will have access to. We still need more details before we can comment on whether this partnership brings excellent value to members of both loyalty programs or not.

Do you have any SLH hotels in mind to book after the tie-up goes live? Let us know.

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