Video: Emirates safety demonstration at the Cricket T20 World Cup

Emirates is one of the most visible brands out there, and they make sure they stay top of mind with their customers and prospective customers by keeping the aspirational image about them. A part of that image building is also getting into sponsorships of sports teams and events. They are around for almost every big event that is out there in the world: Football, F1, you name it.

The weekend gone by was the finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup T20 at the Eden Gardens in Kolkata. While India got knocked out at the Semi Finals, they were still there in large numbers for the love of cricket. This was a good opportunity for Emirates to make their presence felt on the global stage. They performed another safety demonstration, on the lines of the one in Lisbon, this time adapted to Cricket. There were 60,000+ fans in the stadium.

Emirates truly gets it. And while this demo was not as good as the football one, yet, I’m sure for the fans in the stadium it was a joy to watch!

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  1. AJ,
    Its been the 2nd time that as soon as I got done with the video, you posted the link.
    Though this was was good, it wasn’t as good as the earlier one.

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