SpiceJet restructures SpiceClub (already!)

Less than 2 months ago, SpiceJet launched a new ancilliary revenue product called SpiceClub. At the time of launch, this product was priced at INR 399 and promised benefits up to INR 10,000 to the travellers who buy the card. I joined immediately, however, I got a confirmation only a couple of days later about my registration.

At the time of launch, the following benefits were promised:

  • 2 free vouchers worth INR 399 each to be used for domestic flight bookings (at INR 798)
  • Free Air Ticket on Member’s Birthday
    (to be used for flights on the day of your birthday, and booked at least 30 days in advance. Only Base fare is waived)
  • Marriage Anniversary Special – 50% off on Domestic Air Tickets for 2 passengers (for use only on flights on the day of your marriage anniversary)
  • Free Priority Check-in (2 times during the duration of your holding the membership)
  • Add-ons Special- 2 vouchers worth Rs.100 each to be used for domestic flight bookings
    (for use against add-ons such as SpiceMax, Bag Out First, MyFlexiPlan, Excess Baggage, FlyForSure, Preferred Seat Selection)
  • Preferred communication for any SpiceJet Promo Sale

SpiceClub 2!

Anyhow, as it turns out, a few days ago, SpiceJet decided to change the benefits for new members, and also raised the price. Here is the new proposition:


The new proposition is applicable from March 22, 2016 and costs INR 599. Also, it will get you the following benefits:

  • 2 free vouchers worth Rs.599 each to be used for domestic flight bookings (at Rs.1198) (only valid for 6 months from issuance date)
  • Free Air Ticket on Member’s Birthday (needs to be booked at least 20 days in advance)
  • Marriage Anniversary Special – 50% off on Domestic Air Tickets for 2 passengers (with a maximum discount of INR 2000)
  • Free Priority Check-in (2 times)
  • Add-ons Special- 2 vouchers worth Rs.100 each to be used for domestic flight bookings
  • Preferred communication for any SpiceJet Promo Sale

My own experience

My own experience with the SpiceClub program is that they are delivering on some promises and clueless on others. For instance, they delivered two INR 399 vouchers in the welcome email, which helped me make two ticket reservations with them adjusted for INR 399 each, so I recovered my initial investment with them right away. However, I never got any emails about any sales on priority, and neither do I have any clue about the 50% off on anniversary or 100% off on birthday tickets yet. We’ll see how this plays out.


At this moment, this is a shaky program, with no details apart from a web page on the internet. I’m hoping SpiceJet shows us this program in action, and does not just make it one more marketing gimmick in their book. However, as long as they are offering 2 discount vouchers, one is in the money and hence I would not say it is useless to join. I am hoping there will be real benefits for the members soon, and not just coupon gimmickry.

Are you planning on buying into SpiceClub anytime soon?

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  1. Does it mean if I join program today, I cannot book ticket with 599 discount today after an hour or so? I have to wait a couple of days, and only buy the NEXT ticket with that discount? Why does it take their computer so long to finish the registration and why they cannot send confirmation mail in minutes?

  2. Hi AJ,

    I had taken the 399 one and have used the birthday discount.

    You simply need to logon before checking the ticket prices.

    the system automatically shows a pop up for the discount.


  3. Ajay,

    The sit says
    02 fifty percent (50%) discounted one-way couple air tickets**, to be used only for travelling on the date of customer’s marriage anniversary***(maximum discount to be INR 2,000/- only on Base Fare)

    *** Customers travelling on such discounted tickets may be asked to present their valid government-issued identity cards at the check-in counter, which shall reflect the respective dates, in respect whereof the benefit is being claimed. In the absence of such validation, the customers shall have to make payment of the differential amount of the fare as on date of travel.

    Which govt-issued identity cards states the anniversary date?? 😮

      • Hahaha they expect the passengers to carry marriage certificate on their anniversary?? Too much 😛

        • Ajay,

          I was just checking for Traveling on Birthday there is a notification from the site itself stating that we can avail the discount but while searching for anniversary date it never notifies anything. Did you check this?

    • @Karan if you joined before 22 March you get 399 vouchers if you joined after you get 599 vouchers. Please check when you signed up and contact them accordingly.

  4. Hey i bought into SpiceClub the day it launched itself. So i too bought it with 399 Rs. After few days i got the confirmation mail. And after few days of that i got 2 vouchers of Rs 399 and 2 Vouchers of Rs 100. All the 4 vouchers having a validity of 6 months from the issuance date. So that “6 months validity” thing is not only the case for SpiceClub2. About the “Free Ticket on Birthday” program, the last time i saw it was working. I just tried to book one ticket on my birthday to check it out. And the website was showing a message stating “we just figured out its your birthday hence the base fare will be waived”, something like that. And the best part is, it works for International Flights also. I am not sure about the Anniversary Discount Program as i did not check it yet, and moreover i don’t have any anniversary yet 😛

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