Ban on Electronics coming to European flights soon?

End of March, the US administration implemented a ban on electronics larger than a cellphone in the cabin. The initial ban was implemented on flights from the Middle-East and Africa to the USA, and UK followed the ban with a different set of countries. At that time, it was talked about a lot, that the ban was only a surrogate to implement the Muslim Ban, and also to kick away business from the Middle-East carriers who have a far superior product as compared to the American 3.

However, it is being discussed frequently and the news catching more strength, that the ban would be soon extended to flights originating from Europe, including the UK as well. According to CBS News:

The U.S. is considering expanding a ban on most carry-on electronic devices larger than a cellphone on U.S.-bound flights from 10 airports in the Middle East and North Africa to “likely” include flights departing for the U.S. from Europe and possibly the United Kingdom, sources tell CBS News.

Of course, all of this ban is stupid in not figuring out the key laws of science that govern flying. We are flying plane holds full of batteries, which are suspect to fire, and personal electronics checked into the plane hold still has no insurance coverage. So, if you have a lost laptop, clearly, no one but you are responsible. These are the kinds of things I’d scoff at people for doing a year ago, but I understand their helplessness now.

If this happens, I’m definitely calling off my trip to the USA scheduled for June, which I’ve been dragging my feet on booking all thanks to the developments on this issue.

What do you think about the extension of the Ban? Credible? Will it ever go away? What the hell is happening around here?

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  1. Its going to be a pain for everyone.

    I live and work in the US but travel frequently (75 flights in 6 months) half of which are heading toward Europe or the Middle East.

    As such im considering various routes in the future to avoid the Europe/Middle East to America ban for bringing laptops onboard.

    Ideas being
    Europe to Canada then connecting to US (Can clear immigration at Toronto)
    Middle East to India then direct into NYC/Washington.

    Any other ideas

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