Watch how Jet Airways’ makes IFE streaming work

I am a big fan of the IFE streaming offered on Jet Airways’ domestic network. The service was launched about 8 months ago, and I find a reasonable chance that 40-50% of my domestic flights on the 737 network have the service offered. The speed of rollout was pretty fast as compared to Vistara which only still has it perhaps on 1 airplane and testing. It occurs to me I haven’t reviewed JetScreen properly here, so I will do so sometime soon. All I can say right now is it is much better than Vistara’s implementation.

In the meanwhile, Jet Airways has put out a nice video capturing how the whole thing works at the backend to install a system of this caliber. It is always amusing to go behind the scene of airlines, and this is another time one could see things working out behind the scene and appreciate the efforts!



Kudos Jet Airways for rolling out this product, and then the video!

What have been your experiences with JetScreen? Like it, love it, hate it?


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