New Weird Rule: Your jacket travels in your cabin on Jet Airways

File this in the idiosycronacies cabinet. I’ve been flying a long long time, and one of the little things that automatically got taken care of was your coat/blazer/jacket. I remember back in the day you could be travelling all dressed up for a meeting, and all the full-service carriers would stow your coat for you in the closet on the plane. Even till recently, this would be true. The closet was for the plane, not for the business class really!

Last month, on travelling with Jet Airways, I had a lot of resistance from a cabin crew member who told me the closet was going to be full (since the J cabin was full), and hence she could not take my coat. I found that to be weird, and she came back herself a bit later to ask for my coat and put it in the closet. To this, someone told me about a new rule on Jet Airways where passengers in economy class would not have their coat stowed in the front.

Cue to yesterday, after a long day that started at 3 am (thanks Jet Airways for the Mumbai – Bangalore op-up but no thanks for delaying the flight!), I was on my way back on a flight which had creeping delays, and eventually took off 1 hour 10 minutes after the original pushback time. I understand Bangalore airport is shut and all, but there is literally chaos across the board at the airport these days. So, as the usual, I ask them to take my coat to the closet, and I hear’

Sir, we have a new rule where we are not allowed to bring the coats of economy class customers into the closet.

I found this weird. And I told the FA as much. She told me there was nothing she could do, and advised me to put my coat in the overhead bin. To which I did not accept since the bin was already running full and the coat be crushed if I put it in there. She told me that HR has given them this new memo, at least at the Mumbai station, to not take coats for Y class passengers.

I can understand that on busy routes there is a lot of people bringing coats, but I could not figure how the best way out was to just get these passengers not to put their coats in the closet. After all, one-third the business class cabin was empty and there were a lot of ladies, who did not stow their jackets.

So, I’ve posed these questions to the HR head of Jet Airways, and now I await his response…



The curious case of one more thing being nickel and dimed. I’m not sure if Jet Airways has to invest in tonnes of new hangers to hang our jackets, but I’m awaiting to hear your theories on what could be at play here…

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  1. They even replied on email to say this is a new policy – to me it was the last straw. Had been flying Jet since 1994 and seeing the steady decay…but this was too much. PS: they even mis tagged my baggage the day before, and completely cold on even an interim compensation. So, it is Vistara and AI for me now…the JP programme is not enough to hold me any more.

  2. I was Flying Bom-Aurangabad in economy with 9W two weeks ago and headed straight to a function after landing. I requested the same and they refused. Luckily the middle seat was vacant so I placed my jacket on it. It will be nice if 9W domestic fleet came with coat hooks on the seat. Not ideal but hey ho!

    In regards to US carriers it depends how nicely you ask them?
    Most of the times they have been very accommodating esp. Delta

    • I fly Jet frequently and the service is hit of miss at best. In economy, I have been asked a couple of times if I want them to stow away my jackets, other times they don’t bother. But I did find many domestic 9W flights with coat hooks, as recently as those on BOM-AMD and BOM-CCU sector. The hooks are convenient enough to securely place the jackets.

  3. Hey Ajay, I am actually surprised to hear Jet would do this. That’s great to hear. I have been living abroad for past 7 years so have little experience, but based on travel with AI and 9W on some sectors, I feel it was always the norm. I usually ask nonetheless, and 80% of the time the FA obliges but I have definitely lowered my expectations!
    What’s your experience with Vistara?

  4. This doesn’t seem weird at all. It’s in line with industry standards. You were probably too used to an elevated level of service. Just try asking for that on a US carrier and see the response you get.

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