Get 1,000 Bonus Points from IHG Rewards Club on your Birthday

IHG Rewards Club is back with its “Birthday Gift 1,000 Bonus Points” for 2017.

All you have to do is ensure that you have your birthday filled in your account so you can earn the extra points. To update the date log in to your Rewards Club account, click on Personal Information and then right at the bottom you can add in your birthday month and day. In return IHG Rewards Club will gift you a 1000 bonus points on your birthday in your account.

St. Regis Bora Bora

View from the Over Water Villa @ Intercontinental Bora Bora Resort

Keep in mind that if you have already filled up your birthday you cannot change it manually. You will have to call IHG Rewards Club to get the amendments done, hence there is no chance for someone to celebrate their birthday every month and get repeat bonuses.

Well I’d say that’s a pretty good way to get 1000 points without having to do any work for it except for being born. It’s worth taking a few extra minutes and taking a look at your account because every little bit helps you get that award night on your next redemption. If you’ve already celebrated your birthday this year make sure check your account for the extra points.

Have you celebrated your birthday this year and received the 1,000 bonus points?



  1. I had my put my birthday in last year. When my birthday hit this year I got an email saying Happy Birthday, and with a link to register for the 1,000. Once I registered it showed in promotions as Birthday Bonus. It showed a start date of January 11th (my birthday) and an end date and April 11th (no idea why it has an end date). Then about two weeks later I got the points.

    So, it did require registration from the email, but nothing beyond that. Unless it’s changed don’t expect the miles to just appear on your birthday and watch for the email to register (even though you already put the date in).

  2. Did i just miss that? Is this offer only for 2017? My birthday was in 17th February and i updated it on 20th February.. 🙁

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