Redeeming Vistara’s Free Tickets is easy!

A few months ago, Air Vistara gave wings to their partnership with Axis Bank, launching a set of co-branded credit cards. There were three types of credit cards on offer at various fee levels, each offering a free ticket on sign-up, in Economy, Premium Economy and Business Class depending on the card you signed up for.

Further, as you reach various spend milestones, you would get more ticket codes as well. In our case, while Shipra’s free business class ticket code came in just as the process should be (after signup!), my ticket code took some back and forth with the airline and the Bank. As usual, everyone was looking at everyone else for responsibility of this, but I got my ticket code some three months after signup. We were both on the Infinite version of the co-branded card.


It turns out Shipra and myself were both planning a trip and we felt the Vistara Business Class ticket codes could be put to good use on this trip we were planning. I’ve previously heard from a couple of readers that they had problems redeeming their free ticket codes, so I thought I’d put across the process I followed to redeem the free tickets.

Unlike Jet Airways’ ticketing process, where you can only book the free tickets online, in case of Vistara, you can only book them via the phone. Luckily for me, all 8 seats in business class were open so there was no problem getting a hold of these two seats for us.

I called the phone number stated in the email that gives out the ticket code details, and on the phone I briefed the agent that I had two codes linked to two different Club Vistara accounts. She took down the details of both the accounts and the ticket codes, and went ahead to validate them. I guess this means she was checking if the codes were within their validity period and if they had not already been used before.

After this, she proceeded to inform me about the flight options I had, and once I confirmed the exact flight, she blocked off two seats on the flight and informed me of the terms and conditions related to the ticket. After this, she generated a PNR for me, and sent me the details on email to check for the names of the passengers and all the relevant details (date of travel, flight selection et al).

In terms of the money I had to pay, the only amount due was the taxes and charges on the ticket (the base fare was covered). This would include the airport fees etc. However, I was also charged an amount of INR 200 per ticket as a fee to use my credit card. I’m not sure if this is a phone booking convenience fee, or it comes on all channels at the end.

Once I confirmed everything was alright, I was sent a payment link, so that I could pay out the amount for taxes on the website of Vistara. I was told once the payment was successfully received, the ticket would be issued and sent to me within 24 hours. It actually turned up in my mailbox in about 6 hours anyways.


I was then able to use the ticket code and add seats and meal selection to the flight after. The whole process worked very smoothly, and Vistara had some very informed agents on the phone who walked through each step of the way.

All in all, it isn’t a big deal to be calling to get your tickets reserved with Vistara. I’d prefer they do it online, but till then the phone works just fine I guess!

Have you managed to use your ticket codes with Vistara? Which route did you use them on and what has been your experience?


  1. HI AJ,

    A quick check.

    I have a Axis Vistara Infinite card.

    Alongwith that I got a few upgrade vouchers. Since its only a one class upgrade, I had a thought can you please tell me if its possible or not?

    Can I book my ticket in economy, upgrade it using my miles to Premier Economy and at the check in counter use the voucher for business?

    I mean, I know what I am asking can be difficult, but just wanted to know from you if there is any grey area here.


  2. My annual income is less than what is required for applying any Axis Vistara Card. Can I apply for it on the basis of card against card. I have HDFC Regalia First with 1.8 lakhs limit. How much limit can I expect from Axis. My latest annual income is Rs. 3.27 lakhs.

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