Eazydiner EatOut Festival: 50% off at great restaurants!

A couple of weeks ago we talked about EazyDiner Prime, which gets you marquee access and some fantastic deals at some of the best restaurants around the country. Now, with EazyDiner’s new promotion, the EazyDiner EatOut Festival, your next dinner date or night out can get up to 50% cheaper.

EazyDiner EatOut Festival

The EazyDiner EatOut Festival is a month-long promotion where members can get some fantastic deals at participating restaurants across the country. The offers range from 50% off on food to 1+1 on alcoholic drinks. This festival is on through September 30, and over 2000 restaurants are participating in this promotion. You can avail maximum discount of Rs. 10,000 per transaction for standalone restaurants and Rs.20,000 for a hotel restaurant during the offer period.

Some of my favourites include:

  • Yauatcha, Mumbai (50% off on Food Bill)
  • SodaBottleOpenerWala, Mumbai & Delhi (50% off on Food Bill)
  • Social Offline, Mumbai, Delhi & Bengaluru (50% off on Alcoholic beverages)
  • The Market, The Ritz-Carlton Bengaluru (1+1 on buffets)

To unlock an offer, search for your favourite restaurant or bar on their website or app, and purchase a deal coupon. Once you are at the restaurant, present this coupon to your server, and the offer will be applied to your bill. The coupons start from INR 25 and can go all the way up to INR 100. Consider it a small price to pay for a big saving.

For example, a couple of buddies and I are heading out to the Palladium Social in Mumbai sometime later this week for drinks and grub. Usually, the bill comes out to around INR 2000 a person, but with an INR 50 EazyDiner coupon I’m expecting this number to go down to around INR 1200. Not bad right?

EazyDiner EatOut Festival

And you don’t have to be an EazyDiner Prime member to avail most of these offers. But if you are looking at some place nice to take your spouse out this weekend, sign up for EazyDiner Prime for exclusive deals. If you are an American Express credit card holder, you get a free subscription lasting anywhere from ninety days to twelve months depending on your card.


This is an excellent opportunity to score some nifty deals when you go out next time to grab a drink or a bite. And it’s not just sit down places that are in the fray. Your usual spots like Cafe Coffee Day and Chai Point too are part of the 2000 odd places where you can get these deals.

If you are not an EazyDiner member, Sign up here, use our referral code AJAYA5635, and you get INR 500 when you complete your first meal.

What restaurants are you going to during the EazyDiner EatOut Festival?


  1. I haven’t had a good experience with this program. After purchasing the coupons at EazyDiner website, Olive Beach in Bengaluru didn’t offer us the 50% discount. The manager later apologized and promised a refund – and after 12 days I’m still waiting for the refund. This despite reminders even from EazyDiner staff. Now even EazyDiner folks aren’t responding to emails.

  2. To be honest, while it’s “oh it’s nice”, I still doubt I would be using a single of those offers.

    Most good places anyway are covered under Zomato Gold.

    Plus some cafes and restaurants allow payment from other apps- like dineout or nearby, but not using 2 schemes..

    Considering there is prepaid price for those coupons and not really any major advantage as EazyDiner Prime member, not sure will be using any of them unless definitely planning to go to that place and that’s not part of other such apps.

  3. There is a hidden condition that bill needs to be cleared by 9 pm to avail the offer. Had this bad experience in delhi and i walked out and went to other restaurant. So be careful. Also you cant use zomato gold for drinks…

    • Dear Prashant,
      Apologies once again for this unfortunate experience. As discussed with you, the restaurant did not allow 2 deals from two different companies to be clubbed together. We have initiated the refund for this booking. This was a one off case out of 2000+ restaurants on board with EazyDiner Eat Out Festival. We hope you give us another chance to serve you in the future.

      Team EazyDiner

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