Get 33% Cashback to book a BMW with HDFC Bank Diners Club

HDFC Bank frequently loves to hit it out of the park with the HDFC Bank Diners Club Black Credit Card. As perhaps the oldest card in India which is offering 10X points for purchases on various categories, the Bank has now tied up with BMW. Potential customers who want to buy BMW cars in India will get 10X the usual number of points to book a BMW using their Diners Club Black Credit Card.

Buy BMW Car

If you book your car online with your HDFC Bank Diners Club Black credit card on the BMW India website and pay INR 200,000 as the booking amount, you will get 10X Rewards, i.e., 66000 reward points equivalent to INR 66,000 on your Credit Card.

It’s is a limited-time promotion, and only valid on the Diners Club Black card. You need to book the car on the website only and pay the requisite amount there. The site sells all sorts of BMW Cars, but the promotion excludes bookings of BMW 7 Series, BMW X7 and BMW M Cars.

The offer is only valid for booking for your self, or in the name of your spouse (you need to provide proof of marriage) or in the name of a Proprietorship firm you own. You won’t be able to buy cars for friends or relatives with this promotion. The 66,000 points will be provided after the dealership invoices the vehicle. If you cancel after booking, you don’t get the points. Basically, if you are on the market for a new Beemer, perhaps now is the time to get this booking going.

While I would encourage you to also pay for the full car amount with your credit card and make the points, you can also pay by NEFT/Cheque or howsoever to make the remaining payment beyond INR 200K, or with an Auto Loan.

What do you make of the new promotion from BMW and HDFC Bank Diners Club?


(H/T to Tanmay)


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