British Airways Hack hit Avios transactions!

Last month, British Airways announced that their IT systems were compromised by hackers and customer data was stolen. But it appears there is more problem than we found out at that time.

British Airways Hack

To refresh, data regarding 380,000 transactions done between August 21 and September 5, 2018, on British Airways’ website and the app was compromised. It looks like that wasn’t the only attack they faced. As per a recent stock exchange filing, credit card details of over 185,000 had been exposed to attackers between April 21, 2018, and July 28, 2018. These cards were used during Avios redemptions. Out of the 185K cards, hackers have the CVV code for 77K of them.

And it is not just award redemptions or cash+miles redemptions that have been affected. All Avios transactions from hotel bookings to taxi rentals fall under the purview. British Airways has said that they’re getting in touch with affected customers.

What to do if you think your data might be compromised? Call up your bank and block your credit for starters. If you see any unauthorized transaction made already, immediately inform your bank. Most credit cards today come with some sort of fraud protection. Since CVV numbers have been taken too, this may hit you months down the line as well.


This revelation about another British Airways hack is worrisome. But what’s even more frustrating is that BA, like Cathay Pacific,  did not immediately inform the public about their IT Hacks.

Have you been contacted by British Airways regarding the new breach?


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