Axis Bank Vistara co-branded card to come this month?

Last November, Vistara took the first steps to sign up a co-branded credit card partner. They announced their partnership with Axis Bank, and committed to bring out a co-branded credit card in 2016. After that, we did not hear much about the proposition, which was quietly in the works. I got a tip-off from a reader last month that the card was going to come in June 2016, but that did not happen.

Now, it seems they are ready for a launch anytime. Vistara posted a video on their website over the weekend, which seems to start making the promises about the new card. It seems apart from privileges with the airline, there will also be the luxury element to it.

Here is what I expect the card to offer:

  • An expedited way to earn miles/reward points on the airline (obviously!)
  • Some sort of status achievement
  • Privileges every time you fly (perhaps limited number of lounge trips at Delhi included?)
  • Golf rounds (a given after looking at the video)

What other features do you expect the Vistara co-branded credit card to offer cardmembers?

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  1. Wow, the card seems to look very sexy. Think they’ll give automatic status to all card holders like many western counterparts.

    The downside is Axis Bank’s credit cards are not attractive both when it comes to value kickback and the whole interaction when compared to Citi/HDFC/Amex.

  2. I too am looking forward to it, but considering all other cards being offered by Axis bank, this card too may not be very attractive. Their best card as of now is also not offering anything substantial as compared to Citi, HDFC and Amex. Kotak Privy League Signature is not bad and at par with Regalia (HDFC) in terms of privileges and earning points. Regalia already gives you preference on Vistara (tier status) and bonus miles. Axis, ICICI, SBI and IndusInd need to come up with some very attractive offerings or atleast shake up their card portfolio a little. Lets see what this card will give once its launched.

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