Why this is a great time to refer your friends and family for an American Express Card?

American Express has operated one of the longest-running member-get-member programmes in India for its cardmembers over the years. Also known as a referral programme, the MGM programme is a simple and unique way for American Express Cardmembers to recommend signing up for an American Express card product to their friends and family. Amex Referral Offer

The referral programme is a great way for American Express to get new personal cardmember applications via the recommendation of an existing cardmember. American Express makes sure that this is a win-win opportunity for both the referring cardmember and the new cardmember coming on board.

The referring cardmember is gifted Membership Rewards points per annum for their referrals (via a unique referral link available on once they log in to their card account on the Amex website).  Once credited, these Membership Rewards points can be used just like all the other Membership Rewards points in your account, for instance, to transfer to an airline/hotel partner such as Vistara or Marriott Bonvoy or obtain a statement credit towards your purchases on the Amex you hold.

Referring members can get bonus points on the American Express MGM Programme through March 2021

American Express is offering a new special promotion on the American Express MGM Programme between January 28 and March 25, 2021, which stands to benefit you if you refer your family and friends now, rather than later in the year.

American Express India will grant you 8,000 Membership Rewards points per successful referral of a personal card, which means, it is time to call your 18 closest friends and family members who are not in the Amex ecosystem and help them sign up for a new card.

Not just that, if you have not referred anyone till January 28, 2021, you also stand to gain another nifty bonus. American Express is now handing out an INR 4,000 gift voucher from Amazon on your first ever referral, which can be used to shop or pay your bills using Amazon Pay.

Amex Referral Offer

Amex Plat Cardmembers get a special bonus of 25,000 MR points for referring new members to the Amex Platinum Card during this promotion. Those who haven’t ever made a referral before January 28, 2021, get an additional INR 8,000 Amazon Voucher on making the first-ever referral in this promotion period.

Here are all the personal cards issued by American Express, which can be used for a referral offer to your family and friends:

  • American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card
  • American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card
  • American Express Platinum Reserve Credit Card
  • American Express Gold Card
  • American Express SmartEarn Credit Card
  • American Express Gold Credit Card
  • American Express PAYBACK Credit Card
  • American Express Platinum Card

Here are all the corporate credit cards issued by American Express, which can be used for a referral offer to your family and friends:

  • American Express Platinum Corporate Card
  • Jet Airways American Express Corporate Card
  • American Express Green Corporate Card
  • American Express Gold Corporate Card

Referred members also get special perks under the MGM Programme till March 25, 2021

Members who refer their friends and family don’t just benefit in their Membership Rewards account balances via this promotion and help their referred cardmembers enter the American Express cards ecosystem at a preferential offer compared to the open market.

For instance, the American Express Membership Rewards Credit Card, which is publicly available for INR 1,000 + GST as a first-year fee and INR 4,500 + GST annual fee second year onwards, is available first year free on member referrals and only INR 1,500 + GST as annual fee second year onwards.

Usually Available Offer from the American Express website (March 13, 2021)


Referral offer on March 13, 2021.


 Similarly, the American Express Platinum Travel Credit Card is available for first-year free. The American Express Gold Card offers an additional bonus of 4,000 Membership Rewards points (subject to minimum spend) compared to the publicly available offers.

But the best bonus is saved for the top-of-the-line American Express Platinum Card. While prospective cardmembers can get 100,000 Membership Rewards points as a sign-up bonus via the publicly available offer online or at airports, etc., they stand to gain an additional 20,000 MR points (spend-based) when signing up via your referral link. Don’t hold your breath and sign up via a referral link now because, after March 25, 2021, the additional bonus might go down to 10,000 MR again.

How to Refer?

To refer a friend as an existing cardmember, you head to this page on the American Express website and log in. It brings you to a screen where you see your own Amex Cards, and you can generate a personalised referral link after reading the terms and conditions. You can either take the link and send it to your friends and family or create an email from the Amex website itself by giving them the name and email address of the person you want to refer for an Amex.

Amex Referral Offer

If you hold a specific American Express card but would like to refer your friend for another Amex personal card, don’t worry. You can still send your Amex referral link, and the other person will be able to see the other cards they can apply for via the referral link at their end as well. You will still get the referral credit on a successful application.

Amex Referral Offer


American Express has a new referral programme valid for card members until March 25, 2021, offering you the opportunity to earn up to 150,000 Membership Rewards points by referring your friends and family to get a new American Express Card. Not just that, for first-time referrers, Amex is also offering a substantial Amazon Voucher as well.

Amex Referral Offer
Amex Referral Offer


  1. Member Get Member is perhaps one of the best ways to get customers for Amex. I am not sure about the numbers they receive, but I am always able to refer at least 10 new customers to Amex every year via this promotion.

  2. This is a great promotion. I’ve been referring my friends and family since 2019, and over the past two years I’ve received over 70000 Membership Rewards Points towards these referrals

  3. Unfortunately, Amex dont let Platinum Charge card members earn any referral points for any other Amex Card barring the Plat Charge card

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