Finalised Phase 2 Vande Bharat: Flights to Finland, South Korea, Belgium, New Zealand, Netherlands, Kenya, Mauritius, Spain, Myanmar, Maldives added

Air India has completed the first leg of the Repatriation flights mission, where over 60 flights were operated between Air India and Air India Express to bring back about 15,000 people to India from the U.S.A., U.K., Kuwait, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Singapore, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Oman and a few other countries which I don’t recall at the moment.

Now, Phase 2 of these flights has been finalised, and this time around as well, Air India and Air India Express will be running the show for now. As per internal Air India/Express documents sighted by LiveFromALounge, flights are going to be operated by Air India/Express between May 16 and June 13, 2020, to 43 countries.

In the first extension of the schedule, places such as Tokyo were added to the schedule. In the second extension, Finland, South Korea, Belgium, New Zealand, Netherlands, Kenya and many other countries are added to the schedule.

air india evacuation flights phase 3

Find below the various flights to be operated over the next few weeks.

Country of OriginOperating AirlineFlight NumberAirport of DepartureDate of DepartureAirport of ArrivalCapacityAircraft
ArmeniaAir IndiaAI-1960YerevanMay 29, 2020Delhi/Kochi150A320
AustraliaAir IndiaAI-301SydneyMay 21, 2020Delhi243B787
AustraliaAir IndiaAI-309MelbourneMay 22, 2020Delhi/Amritsar243B787
AustraliaAir IndiaAI-309MelbourneMay 23, 2020Delhi/Bengaluru243B787
AustraliaAir IndiaAI-301SydneyMay 23, 2020Delhi/Amritsar243B787
AustraliaAir IndiaAI-309MelbourneMay 25, 2020Delhi/Kochi243B787
AustraliaAir IndiaAI-301SydneyMay 25, 2020Delhi/Ahmedabad243B787
AustraliaAir IndiaAI-309MelbourneMay 28, 2020Delhi/Hyderabad243B787
BahrainAir India ExpressIX 0890ManamaMay 19, 2020Hyderabad177B737
BahrainAir India ExpressIX 0474ManamaMay 22, 2020Trivandrum177B737
BangladeshAir IndiaAI 1231DhakaMay 18, 2020Kolkata169A320
BangladeshAir IndiaAI-1202DhakaMay 19, 2020Srinagar168A320
BelarusAir IndiaAI-1954MinskMay 26, 2020Delhi/Ahmedabad150A320
BelgiumAir IndiaAI-1182BrusselsJune 10, 2020Delhi243B787
CanadaAir IndiaAI-1190VancouverMay 20, 2020Delhi/Amritsar22577L
CanadaAir IndiaAI-188TorontoMay 21, 2020Delhi/Amritsar32377W
CanadaAir IndiaAI-188TorontoMay 22, 2020Delhi/Bengaluru/Hyderabad32377W
CanadaAir IndiaAI-1194VancouverMay 24, 2020Delhi/Bengaluru/Hyderabad22577L
CanadaAir IndiaAI-188TorontoMay 25, 2020Delhi/Ahmedabad/Jaipur32377W
EgyptAir IndiaAI 1970CairoMay 29, 2020Delhi/Lucknow243B787
FinlandAir IndiaAI-1184HelsinkiJune 12, 2020Delhi243B787
FranceAir IndiaAI-142ParisMay 26, 2020Delhi/Ahmedabad243B787
FranceAir IndiaAI-142ParisMay 27, 2020Delhi/Bengaluru/Kochi243B787
GeorgiaAir IndiaAI-1956TbilisiMay 27, 2020Delhi/Ahmedabad/Jaipur150A320
GermanyAir IndiaAI-120FrankfurtMay 28, 2020Delhi243B787
GermanyAir IndiaAI-120FrankfurtMay 29, 2020Delhi/Bengaluru243B787
IndonesiaAir IndiaAI 1305JakartaMay 19, 2020Delhi243B787
IndonesiaAir IndiaAI 1307JakartaMay 20, 2020Delhi/Mumbai/Ahmedabad243B787
IndonesiaAir IndiaAI 1311JakartaMay 22, 2020Mumbai/Bengaluru243B787
IndonesiaAir IndiaAI 1313JakartaMay 23, 2020Mumbai/Hyderabad243B787
IrelandAir IndiaAI-1198DublinMay 26, 2020Delhi/Bengaluru/Kochi243B787
IrelandAir IndiaAI-1200DublinJune 2, 2020Delhi/Mumbai243B787
ItalyAir IndiaAI-122RomeMay 22, 2020Delhi/Kochi243B787
ItalyAir IndiaAI 0122RomeJune 4, 2020Delhi243B787
JapanAir IndiaAI-1333TokyoMay 28, 2020Mumbai243B787
JapanAir IndiaAI 0307TokyoJune 1, 2020Delhi243B787
KazakhstanAir IndiaAI-1950KaragandaMay 25, 2020Delhi/Jaipur150A320
KazakhstanAir IndiaAI-1950KaragandaMay 27, 2020Delhi/Jaipur150A320
KazakhstanAir IndiaAI-1958AlmatyMay 27, 2020Delhi/Jaipur150A320
KazakhstanAir IndiaAI-1950KaragandaMay 28, 2020Delhi/Jaipur150A320
KazakhstanAir IndiaAI-1962Nur-sultanMay 30, 2020Delhi/Jaipur150A320
KazakhstanAir IndiaAI 1972AlmatyMay 31, 2020Delhi/Jaipur150A320
KazakhstanAir IndiaAI-1962Nur-sultanMay 31, 2020Delhi/Lucknow150A320
KazakhstanAir IndiaAI 1974AlmatyJune 1, 2020Delhi/Vijaywada/Hyderabad150A320
KazakhstanAir IndiaAI-1962Nur-sultanJune 1, 2020Delhi/Gaya150A320
KenyaAir IndiaAI-0962NairobiJune 5, 2020Mumbai243B787
KuwaitAir India ExpressIX 0790KuwaitMay 19, 2020Kannur177B737
KuwaitAir India ExpressIX 0396KuwaitMay 20, 2020Trivandrum177B737
KuwaitAir IndiaAI 988KuwaitMay 21, 2020Hyderabad/Tirupati150A320
KyrgyzstanAir IndiaAI-1952BishkekMay 26, 2020Delhi/Gaya150A320
KyrgyzstanAir IndiaAI-1952BishkekJune 1, 2020Delhi/Jaipur150A320
KyrgyzstanAir IndiaAI-1952BishkekJune 2, 2020Delhi/Hyderabad150A320
KyrgyzstanAir IndiaAI-1952BishkekJune 2, 2020Delhi150A320
MalaysiaAir IndiaAI 1325Kuala LumpurMay 19, 2020Bengaluru/Ahmedabad150A320
MalaysiaAir India ExpressIX 0683Kuala LumpurMay 19, 2020Kochi177B737
MalaysiaAir IndiaAI 1327Kuala LumpurMay 20, 2020Bhubaneshwar150A320
MalaysiaAir IndiaAI 1329Kuala LumpurMay 21, 2020Delhi/Lucknow/Amritsar150A320
MalaysiaAir IndiaAI 1331Kuala LumpurMay 22, 2020Delhi/Vishakapatnam150A320
MaldivesAir IndiaAI 0266MaleMay 22, 2020Bengaluru150A320
MaldivesAir IndiaAI 1264MaleMay 23, 2020Delhi150A320
MauritiusAir IndiaAI-1982Port LouisJune 3, 2020Delhi243B787
MauritiusAir IndiaAI-1980Port LouisJune 4, 2020Mumbai243B787
MyanmarAir IndiaAI-1236YangonMay 27, 2020Delhi150A320
MyanmarAir IndiaAI-1238YangonMay 28, 2020Bengaluru150A320
MyanmarAir IndiaAI-1240YangonMay 29, 2020Kolkata/Mumbai150A320
NepalAir IndiaAI 0214KathmanduMay 20, 2020Delhi168A320
NetherlandsAir IndiaAI-1170AmsterdamJune 8, 2020Delhi243B787
New ZealandAir IndiaAI-1307WellingtonJune 7, 2020Delhi22577L
NigeriaAir IndiaAI 1922LagosJune 1, 2020Delhi243B787
OmanAir India ExpressIX 0554MuscatMay 17, 2020Trivandrum177B737
OmanAir India ExpressIX 0818MuscatMay 18, 2020Hyderabad177B737
OmanAir India ExpressIX 0818MuscatMay 20, 2020Bengaluru177B737
OmanAir India ExpressIX 0342SalalahMay 20, 2020Kozhikode177B737
OmanAir India ExpressIX 0350MuscatMay 21, 2020Kozhikode177B737
OmanAir India ExpressIX 0554MuscatMay 21, 2020Delhi177B737
OmanAir India ExpressIX 0714MuscatMay 22, 2020Kannur177B737
OmanAir India ExpressIX 0442MuscatMay 23, 2020Kochi177B737
OmanAir India ExpressIX 0554MuscatMay 23, 2020Trivandrum177B737
OmanAir IndiaAI 974MuscatMay 23, 2020Delhi/Gaya150A320
PhilippinesAir IndiaAI 1317ManilaMay 19, 2020Mumbai/Vishakapatnam243B787
PhilippinesAir IndiaAI 1319ManilaMay 20, 2020Mumbai/Kochi243B787
PhilippinesAir IndiaAI 1321ManilaMay 24, 2020Mumbai/Bengaluru243B787
PhilippinesAir IndiaAI 1323CebuMay 25, 2020Mumbai/Hyderabad243B787
PhilippinesAir IndiaAI 1315ManilaMay 30, 2020Delhi/Jaipur243B787
QatarAir India ExpressIX 0374DohaMay 18, 2020Kozhikode177B737
QatarAir India ExpressIX 0774DohaMay 19, 2020Kannur177B737
QatarAir IndiaAI 1924DohaMay 20, 2020Vishakapatnam150A320
QatarAir India ExpressIX 0244DohaMay 20, 2020Hyderabad177B737
QatarAir India ExpressIX 0476DohaMay 21, 2020Kochi177B737
QatarAir India ExpressIX 0822DohaMay 22, 2020Bengaluru177B737
QatarAir IndiaAI 972DohaMay 24, 2020Delhi/Gaya150A320
RussiaAir IndiaAI-1946MoscowMay 25, 2020Delhi150A320
RussiaAir IndiaAI-1946MoscowMay 27, 2020Delhi/Ahmedabad150A320
RussiaAir IndiaAI-1946MoscowMay 28, 2020Delhi/Lucknow150A320
RussiaAir IndiaAI-1946MoscowMay 30, 2020Delhi/Jaipur150A320
RussiaAir IndiaAI-1946MoscowMay 31, 2020Delhi/Kannur150A320
RussiaAir IndiaAI 1978MoscowJune 2, 2020Delhi/Guwahati/Bhubaneswar150A320
RussiaAir IndiaAI-1954MoscowJune 3, 2020Delhi/Gaya150A320
Saudi ArabiaAir IndiaAI 1908DammamMay 19, 2020Kochi150A320
Saudi ArabiaAir IndiaAI 1906RiyadhMay 19, 2020Kozhikode150A320
Saudi ArabiaAir IndiaAI 1910DammamMay 20, 2020Bengaluru/Hyderabad150A320
Saudi ArabiaAir IndiaAI 1906RiyadhMay 20, 2020Kannur150A320
Saudi ArabiaAir IndiaAI 1914JeddahMay 20, 2020Vijayawada150A320
Saudi ArabiaAir IndiaAI 1407VijayawadaMay 20, 2020Hyderabad150A320
Saudi ArabiaAir IndiaAI 1920RiyadhMay 23, 2020Vijayawada150A320
Saudi ArabiaAir IndiaAI 1408VijayawadaMay 23, 2020Hyderabad150A320
Saudi ArabiaAir IndiaAI-0928RiyadhMay 31, 2020Trivandrum397
SingaporeAir IndiaAI 1347SingaporeMay 21, 2020Hyderabad150A320
SingaporeAir IndiaAI 1337SingaporeMay 23, 2020Bengaluru150A320
SingaporeAir IndiaAI 0383SingaporeMay 24, 2020Delhi150A320
SingaporeAir IndiaAI 383SingaporeMay 26, 2020Delhi/Ahmedabad/Lucknow150A320
SingaporeAir IndiaAI 383SingaporeMay 27, 2020Delhi/Amritsar150A320
South KoreaAir IndiaAI-0313SeoulJune 7, 2020Delhi243B787
SpainAir IndiaAI 0136MadridMay 31, 2020Delhi/Mumbai243B787
Sri LankaAir IndiaAI-0276ColomboMay 29, 2020Mumbai/Bhubaneshwar/Kolkata169A320
SwedenAir IndiaAI-0168StockholmJune 6, 2020Delhi/Mumbai243B787
TajikistanAir IndiaAI-1958DushanbeMay 27, 2020Delhi/Kannur150A320
TajikistanAir IndiaAI-1958DushanbeMay 28, 2020Delhi/Jaipur150A320
ThailandAir IndiaAI 335BangkokMay 20, 2020Delhi243B787
UAEAir India ExpressIX 0434DubaiMay 16, 2020Kochi177B737
UAEAir India ExpressIX 0538Abu DhabiMay 16, 2020Trivandrum177B737
UAEAir India ExpressIX 0348Abu DhabiMay 16, 2020Kozhikode177B737
UAEAir India ExpressIX 0434DubaiMay 17, 2020Kochi177B737
UAEAir India ExpressIX 0452Abu DhabiMay 17, 2020Kochi177B737
UAEAir India ExpressIX 0814DubaiMay 18, 2020Mangalore177B737
UAEAir India ExpressIX 0452Abu DhabiMay 18, 2020Kochi177B737
UAEAir India ExpressIX 0142DubaiMay 19, 2020Delhi177B737
UAEAir IndiaAI 1902Abu DhabiMay 19, 2020Vishakapatnam150A320
UAEAir IndiaAI 1904DubaiMay 19, 2020Bhubaneshwar150A320
UAEAir India ExpressIX 0434DubaiMay 20, 2020Kochi177B737
UAEAir India ExpressIX 0538DubaiMay 21, 2020Trivandrum177B737
UAEAir IndiaAI 1996DubaiMay 22, 2020Srinagar150A320
UAEAir India ExpressIX 0248DubaiMay 22, 2020Hyderabad177B737
UAEAir India ExpressIX 0434DubaiMay 22, 2020Kochi177B737
UAEAir India ExpressIX 0434DubaiMay 23, 2020Trivandrum177B737
UAEAir India ExpressIX 0716Abu DhabiMay 23, 2020Kannur177B737
UAEAir India ExpressIX 0344DubaiMay 23, 2020Kozhikode177B737
UEAAir India ExpressIX 0344DubaiMay 17, 2020Kannur177B737
UKAir IndiaAI-112LondonMay 17, 2020Delhi/Varanasi/Gaya32377W
UKAir IndiaAI-130LondonMay 19, 2020Mumbai/Kochi/Vijayawada32377W
UKAir IndiaAI-112LondonMay 21, 2020Delhi/Jaipur32377W
UKAir IndiaAI-130LondonMay 23, 2020Mumbai/Ahmedabad/Indore32377W
UKAir IndiaAI-118BirminghamMay 25, 2020Amritsar150A320
UkraineAir IndiaAI-1948KyivMay 25, 2020Delhi/Kochi150A320
UkraineAir IndiaAI-1948KyivMay 26, 2020Delhi/Lucknow150A320
UkraineAir IndiaAI-1948KyivMay 28, 2020Delhi/Jaipur150A320
UkraineAir IndiaAI-1948KyivMay 29, 2020Delhi/Ahmedabad150A320
UkraineAir IndiaAI-1948KyivMay 30, 2020Delhi/Chandigarh150A320
UkraineAir IndiaAI-1948KyivMay 31, 2020Delhi150A320
UkraineAir IndiaAI 1976KyivJune 3, 2020Delhi/Guwahati 150A320
USAAir IndiaAI-174San FranciscoMay 19, 2020Delhi/Bengaluru/Hyderabad22577L
USAAir IndiaAI-102New YorkMay 21, 2020Delhi/Chandigarh32377W
USAAir IndiaAI-174San FranciscoMay 23, 2020Delhi/Kochi/Ahmedabad22577L
USAAir IndiaAI-102New YorkMay 25, 2020Delhi/Bengaluru32377W
USAAir IndiaAI-104Washington DCMay 28, 2020Delhi/Bengaluru/Ahmedabad243B787
USAAir IndiaAI-126ChicagoMay 28, 2020Delhi/Bhubaneshwar32377W
USAAir IndiaAI-126ChicagoMay 29, 2020Delhi/Ahmedabad/Hyderabad32377W

This schedule is in a flux all the time so many times things change last minute and new city pairs are added or amended to the list. So, keep checking back, and we keep telling you the latest on this.

What is interesting, however, is the flights to new places which were never on the AI map. For instance, Dublin flights were added in Phase 2 of the plan and now we see flights to New Zealand, which are a new addition, apart from Belgium and Mauritius which were not on the plan before as well.

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