10X Reward Points on Diners Club with Shopping

While HDFC Bank had more or less drained out most of their card members for their point earnings, they are good at keeping the top end happy. They had a renewed list of 10x Reward Points partners and kept the Jet Diners Black card out of their recent devaluation. In their attempt to keep the HDFC Bank Diners Club card holder happy, they added the international spend program in September last year, where one could get HDFC 10X points for International Spend through March 2018.

10X HDFC Reward Points

10X HDFC Reward Points

Last week, HDFC Bank extended the 10x promotion to Smartbuy. This meant you could get tonnes of more points to shop on FlipkartYatra and Cleartrip amongst other merchants.

10X Reward Points Partner List through March 2018 Expands

But they’ve also added two new partners to the list of merchants who will earn you points through the 10X Reward Points program between January and March 2018. Here is the earlier list:

Now you get points to shop online and to eat pizza as well. TataCliq, which is an online portal like Amazon and Flipkart, and also sells luxury brands such as Tumi, is on the 10X program.

But if you love your pizza, you can also get points for ordering Dominos Pizza and paying with your Diners Club Card.

This list would be valid through March 2018. Also, no more bonus points for EMI transactions.

Recap, you earn the following points on your cards with the various variants on the merchants mentioned above:

  • Rewardz: 3 points/INR 150 + 27 points/INR 150 bonus [Total 30 points/INR 150]. Value at INR 9 [6% cashback]
  • Premium: 4 points/INR 150 + 36 points/INR 150 bonus [Total 40 points/INR 150]. Value at INR 20 [13% cashback]
  • Black: 5 points/INR 150 + 45 points/INR 150 bonus [Total 50 points/INR 150]. Value at INR 50 [33% cashback]
  • There is a cap on the number of points you can earn per statement cycle this year.
    • Rewardz:  2,000 points
    • Premium/Club Miles: 5,000 points
    • Black: 25,000 points


This is positive news for the Diners Club Cardholders for sure. They are beginning to get stuff back after having lost so much. There are new partners to transfer points to including British Airways, Vistara and Trident Hotels, and there are 3 ways to earn 10X Points: International Spends, Smartbuy and this.

However, I’d still advise you to check your travel plans before making that booking because sometimes you may come ahead directly booking with the airline.

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  1. Hi Ajay!

    Just to add in…..
    Apart from the usual 10X partners etc. I have found that the Smartbuy site is also fairly good. I mean , despite them dropping Amazon, for instance, as a regular 10X partner … if one still shops on Smartbuy website through their ‘compare and buy’ option, you still earn 10X points even if shopping on a non-10X partner like Amazon.

    I was in a fix about this but pestered the so called ‘super-premium’ helpline as they call it and they confirmed that ANY site through compare and buy will earn 10X upto the 25K limit!

    Needless to say the Diners Black right now is one of the most amazing value card in India. 25k + 25K + 10K per statement cycle is kind of crazy if you think about it year-on-year! (My only grouse is the points take too long to reflect.)

    And I would also like to thank your blog(and you) for this. I was unaware till came upon one of your posts.


  2. Dear Ajay, i could not locate points could be earned with Dominos. Please help me to understand. Thanks in advance.

  3. Points on EMI transactions were stopped a couple of months ago.

    Seems you guys do not really track changes to the Diners Card TnC.

    • @Pankaj Singhal, thanks for your snarky comment. Please do read, “no more bonus points for EMI transactions.” So I hope that addresses your concern.

      • No snark here, Ajay. I did read what you wrote, the “no more bonus points” is not a recent event and hence my comment. This is the 2nd time in the last few weeks that you guys have reported something that was a few months old.

        • @Pankaj, okay. I take my words on the snark back. anyhow. I haven’t reported something old late, it was already there since September 2017 on another post. I have just reiterated it so that people know and don’t assume that buying on EMI will get them the points as well. I hope that being repetitive is not a problem.

  4. In the interest of all, want to let everyone know my experience with Luxehues.
    I placed 3 orders from Luxehues knowing nothing about them and just relying on the fact that they were HDFC’s partner (my mistake that I assumed Bank would have done a due diligence on this site).
    Out of those 3 orders, I haven’t heard back on any of them from Luxehues even a month after the order date. Emails to the customer care are not getting answered while calls go to Automated voicemail in the first ring.
    My suggestion – avoid buying from Luxehues.
    P.S. I have raised a transaction dispute with HDFC for these orders and have got them reversed.

    • @ Amar,
      Same here.. 3 orders pending from last 45 days. Made at least 20 calls. No news. They keep giving an excuse that we have some “Invoice Problem”.
      How did you get them reversed from HDFC?

      • You need to call up HDFC Diners customer care and ask them to raise a Transaction Dispute/Charge back. They will then ask you to send a signed and filled up Transaction Dispute form over email post which they will ask for another evidence of order email which promised the delivery timeline.
        After that the txn will be reversed subject to the Seller proving otherwise.
        It is a fairly easy process but should always be used with caution and only in case of genuine claims.

    • My own experience has been none too great too. I received my order after almost 45 days- the same thing that I was earlier getting from Amazon in about 4-5 days.


  5. Ajay, Just wanted a clarification, is 25K overall cap for Diners Black or there are separate categories?

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