Did your Turkish Miles & Smiles a/c get cancelled without notice?

Turkish Airline’s Miles & Smiles program has been becoming a favourite for those targeting Star Alliance status matches to Gold, or getting a quicker qualification to *A Gold due to less miles need to be earned.

Like I mentioned here last week, my kid brother was out on a worktrip, and was going to net about ~18,000 *A miles for his flying. I thought it was a good opportunity to get half way on to requalifying for the TK Gold status he already had. He needed to do about 37,500 miles in 24 months, and this was easy. (To put all the talk about crediting to Aegean instead, the fare classes don’t earn any miles on that program)

Since I use AwardWallet to track my family’s mileage balances, I’ve been noticing a problem with TK over the past few days.


Now, Turkish Airlines’ website is not the best design in the world. You can see the comments section in the previous post to see how hassled people are with this website. However, as per FlyerTalk, it looks like Turkish has also cut off access to AwardWallet, TripIt and other similar services. So, for a few days when I tried logging into the account using the thy.com website, it asked me for a third security check and it wanted a screen code entered as well to ensure I am human.


However, yesterday, I totally lost it when TK told me that the account was cancelled? This is what showed up:


Other members have reported the same problems on FT, and it seems that the accounts which are having a problem are the ones which used a screenscraper for data. First few calls to their call center have resulted in surprise…TK agents have not been able to locate if these accounts ever existed.

However, a member has now received information that this is a system error and the account will be back up on Tuesday. And my brother received emails from TK stating two of his United flights were credited to the program yesterday.

Have you guys checked your accounts recently? And have you heard from TK on cancellations. Do share if you have any experiences with this.

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  1. Hi my name is Jabu I’m a frequent flyer, I lost my card this year how can i recover my points and my status has not changed but I fly 7 times a year , what can be the problem

  2. Glad it’s not just me. THY are useless. 10,00 miles deducted/removed from one of our accounts even though the three calendar year limit as stated under Terms and Conditions 3.7 has not yet expired. Cannot log in using PIN, even though it is the brand new PIN just emailed seconds before! Seems to happen when you want to claim missing miles! Have just cancelled my Garanti Bank Miles&Smiles credit card as I will be flying with other airlines where possible from now on

  3. Very poor service! I lost my miles because the web site
    did not work properly and I was not able to pay for my award ticket. I call a lady from THY next day and she said only sorry. I throw away my M&S card but can not close the account. Does anybody know how to unsubscribe from this scam ?!

  4. Looks like the same thing is happening all over again a year on. Just tried to log into my account go locked out, tried to reset my PIN, system kept telling me I didn;t know the answer to my owne security question. Can’t e-mail them and nothing happens on the telephone line when you call (it rings and just goes dead!).
    Good job I only have 20k miles on the account, crap membership scheme, crap customer service, crap airline, think I’ll give it up for lost.

  5. Anyone able to get back into their account? Over 3 weeks now and no luck getting in. Not even a your account has been cancelled email or notice or anything…All I keep getting is that I am entering the security word wrong.

  6. Update: I had sent an email to their customer service, asking for my account to be reopened. I received an email back last week from Turkish, asking for info like my name, address, date of birth and a copy of my passport (?). I sent the info and today my account was reinstated with a new PIN.
    I instantly requested a status match.. maybe this time I’ll get it!?

  7. I was status matched to Delta gold before the cancellation. Is that the common denominator here?

    I never got a response to my email either, so I emailed them again today.

  8. My account was also cancelled randomly..! I joined a few months ago and had requested status matches first to my AA plat then Delta Gold.. and it never matched to either and then suddenly award wallet is giving me issues signing in, so i go to the site directly and had the same experience as you. Have you had any luck getting yours reinstated?

  9. My account was also mysteriously cancelled even though I had only recently updated my pin to the six-digit one. I emailed them last thurs but have not heard back yet. Since it is Tuesday night there already, I assume this was not fixed “on tuesday” as predicted. Unless it’ll take an overnight system update to see their changes…Do you have any updates on the situation?

    • @Elijah, I have wrote to them sometime early in the week, however, I haven’t heard back from them yet! Will keep updating if I know something

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