Air Italy and WOW Air rejig India plans

For the past few months, the most anticipated fights in the budget travel community have been the cheap WOW Air $199 flights to the US from India. For others, Air Italy would’ve become your second option to fly to Italy direct from India. There have been new developments regarding WOW Air India flights and Air Italy flights to Milan from Mumbai and Delhi.

WoW Air India flights

WOW Air will start flying from Delhi to Reykjavik and beyond from December 6, 2018. They had initially planned to start with three services a week and then scale to 5 services a week from January. The airline now had decided to stay put with three services a week. The schedule for the same is:

WW322 KEF1145 – 0315+1DEL 330 246
WW323 DEL0700 – 1320KEF 330 357

WOW Air has also opened up bookings for flights through May 5, 2019. There is a change in the summer schedule starting April 2, 2019, where WOW Air will be realigning their schedule to arrive earlier into Delhi:

WW322 KEF0700 – 2255DEL 330 246
WW323 DEL0700 – 1300KEF 330 357

WoW Air India flights

Air Italy, on the other hand, will be delaying the launch of their India operations. They were supposed to fly out of Mumbai and Delhi to Milan from the end of October 2018. Now, Air Italy has moved the launch of their Indian flights to December 2018. The planned frequency has also been reduced from 5 services a week to 3 services a week. The revised schedule is as follow:

From Delhi, effective December 6, 2018

IG955 MXP1600 – 0400+1DEL 332 4
IG955 MXP1620 – 0420+1DEL 332 16
IG956 DEL0600 – 1030MXP 332 257

From Mumbai, effective December 6, 2018

IG927 MXP1420 – 0250+1BOM 332 456
IG928 BOM0450 – 0920MXP 332 567

We are yet to hear about what Air Italy plans to do for tickets which have been already purchased for travel before the launch dates. If you have booked with Air Italy and your flights are before the launch date, better call up the airline and request accommodation on another airline or cancellation.


It is not uncommon for airlines to make changes to future schedules, and we hear some of this juggle is on the back of plane deliveries not happening as per schedule. If you’ve been planning on flying on WoW Air or Air Italy, do take into account the new schedule before you make any further plans.

Have you been affected by Air Italy’s schedule change? Has the airline contacted you yet?


  1. That is some serious under utilization of equipment by WOW Air. So the plane sits for 8 hours overnight in DEL? Thats 1/3 of the day. My first thought was that they did this so that the same crew can operate the return, but for that the layover seems too short. Surely that can’t be a legal turnaround time for the crew

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