Fly the Vistara Retrojet this Christmas!

The most talked about aviation news of last few months was undoubtedly the Vistara Retrojet. It was one aircraft Ajay had leaked on Twitter before the official launch. Though Ajay missed the unveiling, but he and Shipra managed to double down on the inaugural flight, so both #avgeeks flew the RetroJet’s maiden flight.

To bring you up to speed with the RetroJet project, Vistara has created a livery which is a commemoration to the 150 years of Tata Sons, their Indian parent company. JRD Tata, the Tata Group founder, is widely considered as the father of Indian aviation, being the founder of the original TATA Airlines as well, before it was nationalised and taken over by the Government of India (now known as Air India).

vistara retrojet

The plane has a tail number VT-ATV to celebrate the Tata heritage, a tail that was used for the original DC-3 aircraft. The aircraft is painted with a special coating which provides a metallic look, similar to the metallic silver of the DC-3. With the right lighting, it also changes hues to an old-world sepia tone. This special livery was kept under wraps as the project progressed over a year, and yours truly amongst some other people was the first one to out it to the world. This special livery is another 25 kgs of paint, so it is only going to be around for one year from September 1, 2018, onwards.

vistara retrojet

It is impressive that Vistara is doing this. Air India, Jet Airways, IndiGo, other airlines. They all had an opportunity, and they passed to do special liveries. Vistara jumped on it very timely.

Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? This Christmas, i.e. 25 December 2018, you can fly on this unique aircraft, where Vistara crew will dress up like the old times, you get to have an onboard meal from the favourites of JRD Tata, and you can also have a complete experience of how the golden age of flying was. Vistara just put out the schedule of the retro Christmas flight.

a plane with a santa hat on top

The schedule is as follow:

  • UK 847 from Delhi to Goa
  • UK 848 from Goa to Delhi
  • UK 977 from Delhi to Mumbai

And not forget, you get some cool merchandise like commemorative pins when you fly during these dates.

Are you planning to fly the Vistara Retrojet this Christmas?

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