Bad news: #UK will impose an #electronicsban as well

I apologize in advance if you are not getting much more than the news about the newly imposed #electronicsban right now. But this is a shock event for aviation. Here is what we have so far:

Here is the official TSA stance.

But the blow number 2 here is, that UK will follow the USA into implementing this ban. This has just been announced by the UK, and details will follow. This was first broken by a Sky News Defence correspondent right now. Here is the story.

The UK is expected to announce a ban on certain electronic devices from being carried on aircraft.

Passengers won’t be allowed to carry on laptops, tablets, and other portable devices but mobile phones will be allowed.


While we don’t have all the details yet, unfortunately, this means for people who would want to reroute via the UK, they will have a similar threat assessment as the US, even though this correspondent tells us that there is no specific threat to UK airports.

This is most unfortunate, and could be the beginning of a trend. Hope this gets ironed out soon!

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