Trident Privilege: Redeeming Points

All through this week we explored the features of the Trident Privilege Program. We explored the various tiers and benefits of program, learnt how to earn points and miles and learnt about the milestone earning feature of the program. In this post, we will explore various ways in which Trident points can be redeemed.

Trident  Reward points can be redeemed across all Trident hotels and selected Oberoi Hotels and resorts in India. Apart from that, you can also use them for Payback points, spa and other stuff. Lets have a look.

Reward Stays

Trident is a hotel loyalty program, right? So the most obvious way to use your points is for reward stays.  Trident does not have a permanent award chart, but they put up one 6 months at a time. So, this analysis of redemptions is made as per their chart valid for redemption between April to September 2016.

The lowest redemption can be done at 6,000 points for Trident Hotels and 25,000 points for Oberoi hotels, while a night’s stay at Oberoi’s high-end resorts will cost 40,000 points onwards.


Trident Hotels Redemption Chart valid through September 2016


Redemption Chart for Oberoi Hotels

Understanding point values for Trident Privilege

To place a value on Trident Privilege points, I did a calculation across all Trident and Oberoi hotels and resorts where Trident privilege points can be redeemed. I picked up rates for dates in April and November, to ensure there was no bias across high or low season which may be different for each property. For metro cities I took weekday rates and for leisure cities I took the weekend rates to get the highest possible rates.

According to my point value calculation, the average value of redemption is INR 1.13 for every reward points. Which implies that a Trident/Oberoi property where redemption value per point is higher than INR 1.13 is a great choice for redemption stays. The green color cells in the table below highlight the top 3 properties where you can gain the best redemption value.

For the Trident hotels the maximum redemption value can be availed by redeeming points at Trident Cochin, Jaipur and Udaipur. As for Oberoi properties, the sweet spot lies in redeeming Trident points at the resorts in Udaipur, Ranthambore and Agra.


Redemption values across the Trident and Oberoi spectrum

Instant Redemption

Points can also be redeemed instantly on stays, dining and spa treatments across all Trident hotels in India. The monetary value for instant redemption is INR 0.20 for every point. This means that against every 1000 Trident points in your account you can get a cash value of INR 200 across paid stays, dining and spa treatments. In my book, this is poor value for the points, especially when I can get 5-6x of that value redeeming for a stay.

Spa Voucher

Members staying at Trident hotels can also redeem reward points towards spa therapies. Every Trident hotel offers limited spa treatments for point redemption and these vary at different hotels. Redemptions can be made starting at 6,000 points and go all the way up to 27,000 points for signature therapies. 


Apart from instant redemption on dining, Trident Privilege points can also be converted into Dining Certificates across Trident Hotels and Oberoi Hotels & Resorts. Point conversion on dining certificates is higher (INR 0.25 to 1 point) than on instant redemption (INR 0.20 to 1 point) and redemptions can be made starting at 4,000 points. However, the process is more cumbersome, since it can take 3-4 days to have your redemption certificate(s) arrive.


Trident Privilege points can be converted into airline miles or points of global retail brands like Neiman Marcus, Macy’s, JCPenny. Similarly, you can link your PayBack account to your Trident Privilege account, and convert your Payback points to TP points at the ratio of 1 Payback point = 1.2 TP points.


While the monetary value of 1 Trident privilege reward point equals INR 0.20 as per Trident, and this is the value they want to drive you towards redeeming your points, the higher value of reward redemption lies in reward stays where you have the opportunity to get a value of more than INR 1 for every Trident Privilege point, hence getting you a 5x better value.

With the new reward chart coming in place for the next 6 months, there are some sweet spots in redeeming for Oberoi’s Vilas resorts where there is an opportunity to redeem stays at a mere 40,000 points for a night, a resort which is selling at INR 60,000 at Vanyavilas in Ranthambore or INR 77,000 for the Amarvilas in Agra.

Which is your favourite redemption choice in the Trident Privilege program?

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    I have 3500 Trident points.

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