The smallest and most tasteless economy meal award goes to Cathay Pacific

Just last month I had the unwanted honor of having perhaps the smallest ‘Dinner’ meal on a Jet Airways flight. I’m afraid I’m going to have to institute a rolling trophy on this one and pass it on from Jet Airways to Cathay Pacific.

I was flying a red-eye BKK-BOM in economy which the Cathay Pacific staff had confirmed to have dinner service. Since I barely had much to eat in the day, I decided to lounge-hop in the evening at the Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport and I grabbed a little bite at each of the 3 airport lounges I visited.

However, when dinner service started, the FA told me there was the option of Chicken and Rice in non-vegetarian helpings and Rice only in vegetarian. Now, here is a look at the blandest economy meal I remember having in the past few years.


I secretly thanked my stars for all the sandwiches and desserts finger food I had already eaten at the airport, which helped me push away this meal after a spoonful. And the chocolate for dessert is a joke. Did they pick it up from 9W or is it the other way around?

Compare this with the ‘small’ Jet Airways portion I was complaining of last week, and I think that was a rockstar meal in size as well. So, Cathay Pacific, I pass on the rolling trophy to you for serving the smallest ‘dinner’ (ex-America), and serving me the blandest meal ever.

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  1. Yeah, I agree with Gary. That KitKat is pretty standard dessert for long-haul economy. I prefer it to the weird plastic-wrapped “cake”.

  2. Soory to hear about your meal but cathay economy always served this size for meal, as for taste it is really a hit n miss depending where you are departing from.

    • @David on the Breakfast service BOM-BKK the meal was better and bigger. I’ve only done HKG to nearby stations on CX otherwise and well aware that on those stations you only get a roll or something like that

  3. I’ve seen worse sadly (and ate worse unfortunately).

    Saying that, catering for any airline out of a US Station in Economy is a very variable affair.

    Variably bad.

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