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How to maximise your Groceries spend while sitting home?

Grocery Credit Card India

Here is how you can get the most number of miles and points with your cards these days, on what is perhaps the most exciting activity while sitting at home under this current lockdown. Maximise your points and miles and cashback while doing Grocery Spending. This is how.

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And I picked up a new Standard Chartered Platinum Credit Card

I am not so much of a card churner, as you all know. I don’t actively seek new lines of credit from banks. The best I usually do is to call the bank to switch me to a new product by moving my existing line of credit to the new card. That is how I got rid of my Citibank Jet Airways Credit Card and got myself the PremierMiles Credit Card last year. However, a few weeks back, before the whole ICICI/HDFC Jet-cobranding effort was revealed, I was quietly beginning to like a new credit card product. It is an innocent looking ‘Platinum’ credit card in today’s era when perhaps I only carry more premium cards in my wallet and…

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