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New discounts with Spicejet for booking and travel till April 16

Recently, I wrote about a deal-of-the-day promotion which was being put out by Indian domestic low-cost carrier Spicejet. The promotion got over recently, and to replace it, Spicejet brought out a new promotion called My Number My Discount, where your cellphone number gets you discounts on your tickets booked on the carrier. Here is how it works: Select the cities you want to fly between, select your flight, and confirm your travel details. On the Contact page, fill in all the relevant personal details including your 10 digit mobile number. If your flight selection matches the list of flights on which this offer is valid, you will be eligible for the daily discount. The discount will be revealed only on…

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How to get a daily discounts on Spicejet!

Spicejet has quietly introduced a new promotional offer on its website a few weeks back using Quick Response codes. Under this promotion, SpiceJet reveals a new QR code on their website every morning, and also sends it around on their Twitter account @FlySpiceJet and their Facebook page. You have to use your smartphones to be able to read these QR codes and get the eventual discount code in the format SGDISxxx. If you don’t have a smartphone, you could use a website like www.onlinebarcodereader.com to access the contents of the code. Once you have the code, you can apply these to any fresh reservations you make till 11 PM on the same night. You need to plonk the code in the…

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