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Jet Airways / Delta partnership now includes Virgin Atlantic at Heathrow

Jet Airways and Delta are now making a new partnership at London Heathrow, along with Virgin Atlantic. This expands the Jet Airways partnership for the Americas across Delta / KLM / Air France / Virgin Atlantic. Great news for the flyers who shuttle half way across the globe then.

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British Airways sale upto 27 July 2012 from India to London, Virgin Atlantic is matching

British Airways is offering a 3-day sale from all its Indian ports to London for booking till midnight of 27th July 2012, where it is offering flights from upwards of Rs. 52,000 for a round trip to London. The fare is valid on a 7-day advance fare booking. I looked up the fare on their website, and it does look lucrative as compared to the regular British Airways fares from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Chennai. And they are not alone, seems like Virgin Atlantic has matched them on this route. Here is a screenshot of a sample fare from ITA for a Mumbai-London flight in November 2012, and Virgin Atlantic with their new product on the Airbus 330 will…

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The Virgin visits India, again…

About 3 years after Virgin Atlantic last flew out of Mumbai, its making a comeback. From 28th October 2012, Virgin Atlantic plans to offer an Airbus 330 service from between Mumbai and London Heathrow. The airline will fly from London in the morning at 10 AM and from Mumbai at 3 AM, thus following the same schedule as Jet Airways and British Airways offer on this city pair. The announcement popped up on the Virgin Atlantic website today, and reservations will be offered from 4th April 2012. Clearly, this decision must have been taken much before wannabe Richard Branson (Vijay Mallya’s) Kingfisher Airlines decided to pull out of the London market. There is a lot of traffic on this route,…

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A day at the American Airlines Arrival Lounge at London Heathrow

The American Airlines flight AA 104 was uneventful at the back of the plane, with a largely empty cabin which accommodated a lot many passengers from the MegaDo bunch onto their own fully flat seats by occupying a whole row to themselves. All the action was in the First Class where there was a special dinner on-board for a chosen few flying F, with the new president of AAdvantage, Suzanne Robin. We were lucky to have arrived in LHR an hour early, with the tailwinds in favour (the same Atlantic ones which came in my way to arrive at JFK from Brussels after a fuel-stop). Here is a little bunch of pictures from the back of the plane: Yeah, it…

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