A day at the American Airlines Arrival Lounge at London Heathrow

The American Airlines flight AA 104 was uneventful at the back of the plane, with a largely empty cabin which accommodated a lot many passengers from the MegaDo bunch onto their own fully flat seats by occupying a whole row to themselves. All the action was in the First Class where there was a special dinner on-board for a chosen few flying F, with the new president of AAdvantage, Suzanne Robin. We were lucky to have arrived in LHR an hour early, with the tailwinds in favour (the same Atlantic ones which came in my way to arrive at JFK from Brussels after a fuel-stop).

Here is a little bunch of pictures from the back of the plane:



Yeah, it was a boring flight, but the crew was good and wanted to take care of all of us in the back. So, while I was happy to be on my Exit Row seat and try sleeping, one of them told me there was a lot of space at the back and I could take a bunch of seats and go off to sleep more comfortably. It was indeed more comfortable!

Arriving at LHR in comfort and spending time at the LHR Arrivals Lounge


When we got into London, American was upping the game again. They organised to get everyone through fast track immigration and invited us to the American Airlines Arrivals Lounge. While EXPs and First Class travellers were already eligible, everyone was invited in as well.


Once over, the visit to the Arrivals Lounge started with a quick shower at one of the 29 shower pods that were waiting for us.


All set after a refreshing shower, we set out for breakfast. And there was quite a bit of it to explore.



Since the first event with British Airways was planned to start after 1:30 PM and most of the group visiting was staying at hotels in or near Paddington (Hyatt Churchill was the host hotel), a bunch of us decided to stay back at the Arrivals Lounge till the afternoon and get some work done, grab a bite, get some sleep or just unwind!



We were now all set to arrive at British Airways to take a peep into their HQ and be hosted by them later in the afternoon!

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