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Jet Airways homogenises convenience fee on all tickets

One of the changes that I’ve witnessed in the past weeks in the way Jet Airways charges a convenience fee / Optional Payment Charges. If you go back to 2012, Jet Airways had started imposing a fee to book from it directly, to cover the costs of the transaction, I assume. This fees, when started in 2012, was not very uniform and was charged basis the cabin of travel and routes (domestic/international). I heard a while back that this fee was not being charged anymore, and it did not show up when I booked some tickets for my family late last month, so I assume this was gone for a few days. However, as per Jet Airways, this charge is…

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Getting around the annoying convenience fee on Indian airlines

I know I know, all of you are very very annoyed by the new transaction/convenience fees that have been out there from various airlines for a while now. Even though the Supreme Court of India recently ruled that airlines could not charge a separate transaction fee over and above the displayed fares, they have renamed it CONvenience fee and continue to charge this fee, even those who announce proudly, like Indigo and SpiceJet. Declaration Actual Travel Agents and online travel agents have been, on similar lines, popping up a booking fee right before payment is made, which makes you believe through the booking process that you are booking tickets with a x value, but it turns up to have a Rs.…

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Airlines cannot charge transaction fee anymore

Beginning of this week, the regulator of Indian aviation DGCA and the Federation of Indian Airlines (FIA) were slammed with a lawsuit in the Supreme Court of India, asking them to explain all the charges that are imposed on top of the base fare of the ticket, such as the transaction fee which pops up just when you are ready to enter the payment details on the credit card page, something like this: The industry and its regulator were asked to explain the extra charges, and whether these had the backing/approval of the government. For instance, even the Mumbai and Delhi airport were asked to explain the extra User Development Fee charged. Here is an excerpt from the full newsreport:…

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