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Sunday Plastic: The ‘new’ Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card

A couple of weeks back, I reviewed the Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card for all of you. Too bad, as a fallout of the breakup between Citibank and Jet Airways, Citibank is forced to revise the product proposition, and the earlier product is no longer on the market. To help you choose if to go with the Citibank Premier Miles credit card or not, I review the new card product for you below. Citibank is currently offering to switch all existing Citibank Jet Airways Credit Card holders to this card product by June 30. Sign-up bonus: If you are signing on for the card afresh, you will be offered 2 complimentary ticket codes which allow you to book domestic flight…

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Reminder: 5 days for Jet Airways 25% transfer bonus

A few weeks back I had written about the 25% Jet Airways transfer bonus that is valid for your Card reward points, if you transfer and receive the transferred points in your Jet Privilege account by May 31st. This is just a quick reminder that the transfer bonus will go out on the 31st of May and if you want to transfer out your points you should do that now! With a few banks that I have experience with, HDFC Bank will take a few days, ICICI Bank will happen within 48 hours and Citibank will transfer overnight, so will American Express. So go on, pick up the phone and make those requests now if you want to receive the…

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Sunday Plastic: Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card

Last week I reviewed the American Express Gold Charge Card for you all. This week, it is the turn of looking at the other card which has a place of pride in my wallet and gets a lot of my spend: Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card. I picked up this card in December 2011, when the benefits on the Citibank Jet Airways Platinum Credit Card were downgraded, and I must say I am very happy with it so far. Sign-up bonus: You get 2 ‘complimentary’ ticket codes which allow you to book domestic flight segments at least 15 days ahead of travel on any airline in India. These codes have to be used via the PremierMiles portal and you get…

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The Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card: It Works!

Last December I’d written about how I was mighty pissed about the Jet Airways Citibank Credit Card, since they key benefits were devalued. The upgrade vouchers were drying up and that was a key reason for me to keep the card. Keeping that in mind, I’d switched to the Citibank Premier Miles Credit Card, which enabled a more ‘secular’ earning and burning I felt. I could earn 10 PMs per INR 100 for airline-related spend made directly with the airline or via a special portal called This is still better than earning 8 JPMiles per INR 100 for booking tickets only on Jet Airways, since I get 10 JP Miles if I chose to! On top of that, I…

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And now its American Express India’s turn to downgrade Membership Rewards

Sigh, it is the season of downgrade of benefits and American Express does not want to be left far behind from the pack. They have decided to close 2011 on a high note by sending me (amongst several other) cardmembers with a very nicely wrapped letter which has 2 layers of envelopes before you get to the letter itself. Now you think, this arriving right after Christmas must be Santa Amex Claus sending you a Lotto ticket to win in the MR sweepstakes. But all it comes to is an intimation on the downgrades which kick in a few weeks from now. If you’ve been reading up about my American Express Gold Card adventures, I’ve been pretty happy with them so…

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