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Jet Airways to add 17 Boeing 737-800 planes to the fleet

It is not all so gloomy out there, or so it looks like. Jet Airways, the market leader in India, has ordered Next Generation 17 Boeing 737-800 planes this month from the Boeing company. And this, after it already has 10 737-800s which are still due to be received from Boeing as per the last order they placed aeons ago.The current order is a confirmation of a 20-B737-800s options that Boeing and Jet Airways guys had announced in 2007, but did not go ahead with at that time. For Jet Airways, this means they have 27 Boeing 737-800s on order now, and which means that the next 1.5 years when these planes will come on-stream,Jet will perhaps replace the leased…

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Jet Airways flip flops and cuts back B77W service from Newark

So Jet Airways cannot seem to make up its mind yet if it wants to fly the B77W to the USA or not. I’ve been interested in this because it gives me one more new product to try out on my flight to the USA when with Jet Airways. I recently flew the A330 with them via BRU and I’ve flown the B77W to LHR. Like I told you all earlier, Jet Airways had deployed the B77W birds to fly BOM-BRU-JFK and back on Friday and Sunday for the winter schedule of 2011. However, it seems now the plan has changed. I’ve been looking out for award space on the plane for a while for next year, and while I…

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