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Boeing warns of 737 production shutdown and 777X Entry Into Service delays

Boeing announced their second quarter results yesterday. Boeing expects the 737 MAX to come back in service by the end of this year, or otherwise, they will have to reduce production, or even shut down the line for a while perhaps. On the 777X, they expect the aircraft to have a delayed entry into service now due to engine issues.

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Paris Airshow 2019 Day 3: The Regional Aircraft announce orders

Day 3 of the Paris Airshow was supposed to be a washout, given the rain predictions for yesterday. But it was not, eventually and the weather held up very well for a great day of order announcements, amongst other stuff at the Paris Airshow. Boeing and Airbus had their big moments on Day 1 and 2, so the Paris Airshow 2019 Day 3 was more for the regional players, such as Embraer, ATR and others who would get down to making announcements. ATR launches a Short TakeOff & Landing version of the ATR42 Turboprop manufacturer ATR, which is a joint venture between Airbus and Leonardo launched a new version of their regional plane, the ATR 42, which can use runways…

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