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#avgeeks, watch 5 Airbus 350s flying in formation

A friend sent me a couple of video links last night and I’ve been watching in awe on loop ever since. The first video is of the planning and execution of a formation flight of 5 Airbus 350 planes, which was done about two months back. The video is the back-end story of how they went about planning the flight and the various maneuvers that went about it.  Have a look: The second one is the final product, which looks awesome, with Airbus 350s flying around in Arrow, Echelon and Diamond formations. Quite frankly, I always thought only military planes would have display formations, but this is awesome to see it with regular airplanes as well. Enjoy the view! Join over…

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Review: Flight 9W227 (BRU-BOM), Jet Airways, Premiere (A333)

a row of seats on an airplane

Introduction Check-in: Clipper Lounge, Terminal 2, Mumbai Airborne: Flight 9W228 (BOM-BRU), Jet Airways, Premiere (A332) Hotel Manhattan, Rotterdam Hotel Sheraton Brussels Airport, Brussels Check-in: Jet Airways Lounge, Brussels Airborne: Flight 9W227 (BRU-BOM), Jet Airways, Premiere (A333) As I arrived at my gate, the familiar long boarding queues were visible. Airlines from India, in any part of the world, do not follow a systematic boarding procedure and this means everyone is crowding out the gate to get on the flight first. Once I could find my way through the crowd on the plane, I turned left and took my first steps onto the new business class cabin of Jet Airways to head towards seat 1K. Like I’ve mentioned earlier, Jet Airways…

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Crazy Airplane Pic: an Airbus 350 dressed like an Airbus 380

I haven’t had so much laughter in days like when I was getting done with breakfast at one of Mumbai’s oldest establishments. I walked out and happened to pass by a travel agency’s office, and found something terribly wrong with this picture. Any guesses what is wrong? Would you book tickets with a TA who does not know the plane he booked you on? Fancy your chances of an upgrade here? Have a good day folks. Live From A Lounge is present on Facebook, Twitter & available via email, RSS.

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A flying palace: A private A380 with all the bells and whistles…

Imagine a 3- floor Airbus A380 with a private concert hall, a flying garage to park your Royce or Maybach, and a Turkish bath on separate floors. I’d name it a flying palace though you could call it by any other name. Word has it that a member of the Saudi Royal family is going to get one of these 0.5 billion USD luxury birds soon, to be able to retire their B747 they use right now. The Airbus airframe, with a list price of about USD 370 million, is being modified with expensive fittings of USD 170 million by the UK based design firm DesignQ, who helped Virgin Atlantic design the Upper Class Suite. The private jet will have …

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Birdwatch: Photo # 3 (Kingfisher Airlines)

This past week, when I was ready to take off from Mumbai Airport Terminal 1C, I saw Kingfisher sharing the tarmac with us. So, it got clicked! Here is the picture for all of you! Airline: Kingfisher Airlines (originally Air Deccan) Location: Mumbai Airport Terminal 1C Airframe: Airbus 320 If you want to share a picture of a plane, an airport, or anything aviation related, please send it across to with the details and I’ll put it up here. Thank you!

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