So how long does it take to upgrade an AAdvantage account again?

That is the question I am looking for an answer for, seems I can’t find it. See, I started with American Airlines AAdvantage program a few years back, and I’ve been an Executive Platinum for two years in a row. Last year, hardly travelled with them, and also this was the year they killed their policy for a soft landing, so I went straight to Member level as of March 1, 2014.

Sigh, as much as I hate to let it go, I love my AAdvantage miles too much and also the program. I think it is one of the best out there in terms of mileage value. So i decided to see if I could crawl back from being a nobody on the program to … we’ll see how far I can go this year.

Now, amongst other things, I’ve managed to somehow get enough elite qualifying miles with them to get myself to the Gold tier. First strike, right? This has been the status since about a month or more maybe, but while my EQM shows having qualified for Gold, the status hasn’t changed.


Dang, now…err, the usually good folks at @AmericanAir are my first port of call, and assured me that usually status is sweeped within 2-3 days. But this time around, they asked me to call AAdvantage to see if they could fix this, I did so, and I was assured it would be done. No dice, and then I’ve even written a couple of emails to AA which I haven’t heard back on in over 16 days.

Is it something to be worried about, or is this the way AA treats non-elites usually? I’m not sure if I should be proud of trying to find my way back on AA, or not anymore…

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  1. Had the same AA Advantage experience and kept calling until one day – my account was updated. Takes even longer to get points for Social Media Activity and Advantage Shopping Portal. Must be due to the merger.

  2. The display is showing that you have gold status. The gold tab is colored. The bars indicate that you have zero miles and zero points to go in order to acquire gold status. You should have received a confirming email to that effect. Sometimes there is a lag before the mobile site is updated.

  3. Call AA Gold desk. They should be able to help. Explain your situation and that you already were promised it would be fixed but has not. I successfully completed a Gold challenge in 2013 and I called a couple days after the flight that put me over the mark and the agent did it for me. He did have to get a supervisor to clear it or confirm it but once he had that I was good to go within minutes. Hope this helps.

  4. I have not seen this type of discrepancy before but what I have seen is that for some reason my status and the last flown miles were updated on the AA iOS app 1-2 days before the web account. What does your app show?

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