Save The Date: Points & Pints Meetups & Workshops Return!

One of the best parts of being a part of the points and miles community is the fact that we all help each other out and celebrate the hobby. Last year, Shipra & I had a great time catching up with so many of you in Mumbai, Pune, Singapore and Bangalore. We did not manage to organise the Delhi meetup last year, but we are coming to you first this time around to make up for that.

As usual, we are planning to meet offline this year as well, to learn from each other and share our wins and losses.

Points & Pints

Bangalore Points & Pints 2017, where it all started…

Additionally, I’ve heard from a lot of people that they’d like a capsule course in points and miles to get started. To help our friends who are at the beginners and intermediate level, and those who want to learn how to make the most out of miles and points, we are also planning a workshop where those interested can learn how to earn and burn miles for their dream trips!

I wanted to quickly put the word out for the dates we have in mind at the moment so that you could put it on your calendars, and we could plan accordingly.

  • Delhi & NCR: 25/26 August 2018
  • Mumbai: 1/2 September 2018
  • Bangalore: 13/14 October 2018

For the Points & Pints meetupsas usual, we plan to make it a buy your own food/beer evening, and would be hosting it in a central part of the city.

For the workshops, we are still figuring out the logistics. We figure those who would be present at the workshops would also like to mingle with the rest of the crowd during the evening reception. So, we are wondering if it makes more sense to conduct the workshops on a Saturday morning, for instance, and the meets in the evening, or conduct the meets on Saturday evening and the workshops on Sunday morning. These workshops would be close-door and a small group affair on a paid basis.

As usual, I am looking for all the inputs I can get, so please put them in the comments section and we will be hearing you all and trying to address as much as possible during the planning process.

Also, I am looking for a show of hands from people about the workshops and the meetups. How many of you would be interested would be a good place for us to start planning.

Anyone else excited about these meetups? I always look forward to meeting all of you, whether at an airport or in a lounge or on a plane!


  1. Since Pints wont be possible in Ahmedabad, I will definitely travel to Delhi for meetup and workshop both. Would prefer Saturday evening meetup and Sunday morning workshop. But either ways is fine. Do update when all is confirmed.


    • Hi Ivan, Mumbai is not far :). If there are 10 hands raised for Goa, then we’ll be very happy to add it to the list.

  2. Yes i am interested for a workshop and meet up in delhi. It would be goos to host workshop on sunday morning and then a meet up at evening. This will be more feasible for most people i think even for outstation participants to come as well.

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