Here is how to fly the Jet Airways 737 MAX in July!

India’s first Boeing 737 Max customerJet Airways, is almost all set to receive their first Boeing 737 MAX 8 Aircraft this month. The plane is currently undergoing Production Testing, and when registered, will bear VT-JXA as their tail number. One report states that June 19, 2018, would be the delivery date of the first aircraft.

When Jet Airways receives their first aircraft, they are holding an event for their contest participants, and perhaps other people as well at their Hangar in Mumbai on June 28, 2018. Their second and third Boeing 737 MAX aircraft is also right now at various stages of production at the Boeing line in Renton.

The aircraft is supposed to be pressed in service on July 1, 2018, and will progressively be rolled out across the network. The first commercial flight of the new Jet Airways 737 MAX 8 aircraft is going to be Mumbai to Hyderabad on July 1, 2018. 

Jet Airways VT-JXA undergoing testing at BFI (Image via Chris Edwards)

Here is how to find the Boeing 737 MAX 8 on various Jet Airways flights across the route network for July 2018:

  • July 1, 2018, to July 4, 2018
    • Mumbai – Hyderabad/9W 457 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday)
    • Hyderabad – Mumbai/9W 458 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday)
    • Mumbai – Chennai/9W 469 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday)
    • Chennai – Mumbai/9W 470 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday)
    • Mumbai – Goa/9W 475 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday)
    • Goa – Mumbai/9W476 (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Sunday)
  • July 5, 2018, onwards
    • Mumbai – Goa/9W 446 (Daily)
    • Goa – Mumbai – Delhi/9W 762 (Daily)
    • Delhi – Mumbai – Tiruchirapalli/9W 358 (Daily)
    • Tiruchirapalli  – Mumbai/9W 311 (Daily)
  •  July 13, 2018, onwards
    • Mumbai – Bengaluru/9W 498 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
    • Bengaluru – Mumbai/9W 449 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)
    • Mumbai – Dubai/9W 580 (Friday, Saturday)
    • Dubai – Mumbai/9W 579 (Friday, Saturday)
  • July 15, 2018, onwards
    • Mumbai – Abu Dhabi/ 9W 586 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)
    • Abu Dhabi – Mumbai/ 9W 585 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)
    • Mumbai – Mangaluru/ 9W 431 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)
    • Mangaluru – Mumbai/ 9W 432 (Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Sunday)

You could book these flights on or on your travel agent. Remember, the code for the 737 MAX 8 is 78M, so if you see this on your flight going forward, it means you get to fly the Jet Airways 737 MAX 8.

All the flight details are subject to change, of course, and the data presented is via the GDS systems at the moment.

Are you excited for Jet Airways to start their Boeing 737 MAX operations?

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  1. Ajay, would be glad if you could do a follow-up post on the same and share the routes planned on the plane for Aug and Sept too as and when you have the info of course.

    • Can someone please do a follow up about what jet is going for so following the recent tragedy of lion air. 737MAX 8 due to faulty sensor

  2. Hi Ajay
    I have a slightly off topic suggestion to make to Jet Airways & Vistara.
    Why can’t both of them join forces and buy a A380 and declare bottom half as 9W and upper half as UK or the other way round?!
    Then use it for morning flights from Mumbai to Delhi (busiest route in India) and vice versa.
    To add to the convenience, both of these airlines operate out of Mumbai’s T2 and Delhi’s T3.
    This joint ownership of aircraft can help both of them to save on fuel costs, parking costs, get better time slots and reduce the air traffic significantly.
    If you see some merit in the idea, do propose to your connects in 9W and UK.

      • Agreed.
        In fact, let me also present the case why it won’t happen!
        Jet & Vistara will say that they want to deploy the aircraft to some other, profitable route due to festival or a season and the aircraft will remain grounded due to this clash.
        There will be blame game if the maintenance by one of the airline’s crew is poor and the aircraft remains grounded due to this.
        etc. etc. etc.

  3. Do tell us if these planes also have the dinky toilets that American has installed on their Max aircraft. A user review of the toilet would be interesting

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