Reviewing the SpiceJet Hot Breakfast

SpiceJet is working on a reinvention all this year, and amongst the other things they are working on, is the food they serve on the flights. Being a no-frills airline, they only offer Buy-on-board meals, but the public verdict about the food was not great earlier. Taking that feedback on board, they reworked the menu, and tied up with the TajSats for catering on board.


Yesterday, I had the opportunity to be on a SpiceJet flight for my travel from Mumbai to Kolkata, and while I can do without a meal on a shorter flight, since this is a 2.5 hour long flight, and they operate from the bus gates in Mumbai where there is no provision for lounges, I decided to pre-book meals to be given to us on the plane. They cost you INR 50 less if you book online.

First things first, we booked within 24 hours, so all I could choose was the option between Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian, and the meals would be served on the plane from the options available.


On the flight, once we were on our way, the in-flight crew brought out two carts. One had exclusive service for all the pre-booked meals and when someone asked for a meal to be sold to them, they were pointed to the other cart which had food available for sale. Luckily we got both the meals of the choice we wanted.

Here is the non-vegetarian meal of masala omelette, parsley potatoes and chicken tikka.


We also ordered one vegetarian meal, which was a Palak Dosa and some uttapa along with sambar.


For someone used to all hot meals served to him in a tray all his life, I was surpised with the meal not coming in a tray, with just a small tray mat coming along to hold the meal and being handed out the meal. I find it a bit tacky, maybe, or maybe it was the first time I had a hot meal held out to me like that.

The meals were both pretty good, and at par with those that I’d get on Jet Airways or Air India. However, I would imagine SG would want to add a drink to the hot meals and serve them along as well, since that is my personal preference on a flight.

Overall, I’ve booked up more meals for my flight back tomorrow evening, and I’m looking forward to them.

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  1. Hi Ajay
    I m a vegetarian and would for sure vouch for their new menu, I have tried their biryani and 1 more thing, and would say both were excellent!!

    I think the menu which u have referred to is breakfast menu, coz of which u didn’t get drinks, but with lunch/dinner they do give drinks option.


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