Review: Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield Hotel

A few days ago, I was headed to Bengaluru for a work trip. For staying in Whitefield, I looked at all the Marriott options, and turned out that I’d already stayed at the Four Points by Sheraton and Aloft Whitefield over the years, so it was time to try out something full service in the area. The Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield hotel, which had only been inaugurated last year, and was infact, the 100th Marriott hotel in India, made the cut if I had to be around in Whitefield. I stayed for three nights, and here is a review of the Sheraton Whitefield Bangalore.

I was supposed to arrive in Bangalore at about 8 PM, however due to a delay on my flight of about 45 minutes, I only landed at about 8:45 PM, and I was out of the airport by about 9 PM. Lucky for me, I’d a hotel car waiting on me, since anything from Bangalore Airport to Whitefield is about 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes. As soon as I got out of the airport, I did not even have to look for a placard with my name on it, as the Hotel’s airport associate managed to catch me.

He lead me to the car, and while we were waiting for the car, he enquired if I’d like to pre-order some dinner which could be served in my room when I reached the hotel. I told him I had dinner on the plane, so nothing to worry about. However, he said he would still have a fruit basket waiting for me when I’d arrive. He then handed me over to the chauffeur of the car.

a man opening a car door

Once I boarded the car, the hotel staff brought me a tray full of a cold juice bottle, some wet wipes and a map of the city. There was also a paper bag, inside which were some banana chips to snack upon, on this long ride. All of this was presented in a tray, and I requested them to place it on the seat next to me.

a brown bag and a bottle of juice on a tray

I was informed it would be at least 1:15 hours to get me to the hotel, and the chauffeur also informed me that I could connect with the wifi hotspot if I’d like to be connected.

a close up of a seat

After about 75 minutes of driving, I pulled over into the hotel. It was pretty late, and I had an early morning, so the hotel was kind enough to have everything ready for me.

Just as I walked in, I was met by the front office manager. The vast lobby of the hotel had a massive chandelier, and along the side was their bar, Chimes.

a large chandelier in a lobby

I was offered a welcome drink, which was a non-alcoholic cooler, which I brought along with myself to the room.

a cup of liquid with a straw

I was advised that we could finish the check-in in the room, so I was sent along on my way with one of the front office associates, who walked me to the room. I was staying in a Pool View Sheraton Club Room on the 7th Floor. As I was travelling alone and it was late, I did not check if they had a Suite open or not. The hotel was being set up for a huge event over the course of my stay, so the Pool area was already taken over by the Party preparations.

Check-in was quick, and the associate captured my identity document on his tablet. I was also handed out the Platinum Amenity card. I could pick one food and one beverage item, or take 1000 bonus points. Eventually, I did not have time to take on any of the items they wanted to offer, so I did just take the 1000 points in the end on my way out of the hotel.

a white paper with black text

My first thoughts about the room, it was well appointed and, this being a Sheraton Grand, was more roomy and spacious, and lit up as compared to some of the older Sheratons I’ve been to. Here is a first look at the room.

a bed with pillows in a room

a bed with pillows and a desk in a room

a bed in a room

The bed had enough pillows left behind, as per my instructions for firm pillows. And there was some impressive art on the headboard, which as I would discover later, is from a local artist.

a bed with white sheets and pillows

Both sides of the bed had plug points and USB charging ports.

a phone and a wallet on a table

On one side, overlooking the pool, was a small couch along with an ottoman.

a chair and ottoman in a room

The working desk was integrated into the wall unit, which sort of made it a bit difficult to watch television while working. However, when I needed to work, I’d just head off to the Club.

a desk with a phone and a phone and a pen

It looked like one of the standard sized rooms on this floor. I was put on floor seven, like I mentioned ahead, while the Club was on floor 6.

a sign on a wall

The bathroom was also well appointed. The integrated shower chamber had a tub and a rain shower/hand shower.  It was separated from the living area by a glass wall.

a bathroom with a sink and shower

a bathtub in a bathroom

a sink and mirror in a bathroom

a toilet in a bathroom

Toilet amenities were from le grand bain, which are very mild. Not to say I was a fan of the earlier Shine amenities, but this was missable as well for me.

a group of white bottles with black caps

Waiting on arrival for me was a host of amenities to welcome me. There was a signature amenity from the hotel, which were some of the most popular sweets from Karnataka. Tonight’s draw was Mysore Pak and the Dharwad Peda. There was also some turmeric milk waiting, in a very smart flask, which I did not try out.

a glass container with a liquid in it and a bottle on a tray

But that was not all. The fruit basket I was promised was around too. a bowl of fruit on a table

And there was a half bottle of GH Mumm champagne waiting on me as well. The last I remember having a Marriott waiting with some alcohol for my arrival in India was at Le Meridien Kochi, which was exactly a year ago.

a bottle in a ice cooler on a table

I had an early day away the next morning, so I did not partake in breakfast, but I wanted to get some work done in the evening, so I headed to the Sheraton Club lounge. Access to floors is keycard controlled, so I could not access the 6th Floor, so, I had to head to the lobby to get my keycard coded again for the lounge access at the reception.

The Sheraton Club easily is one of the bigger clubs I’ve seen from the Marriott stable in India.

a sign on a wood surface

At the entrance of the lounge, there is a large reception, perhaps for Club check-in/check-out. Here, the first time around, I was asked about my room number, and then I did not have to tell them the number again for the next three days.

a room with a table and chairs and a vase of flowers

a room with a large column and a large chair

There was also a nice artefact as soon as you walk in.

a circular light fixture on a wall

Here is a look at the spacious Sheraton Club Bengaluru Whitefield. On one side, it overlooked the pool, and I would usually go and make a corner seat there my perch.

a room with tables and chairs

a room with a table and chairs

a room with tables and chairs

a room with tables and chairs

There was a small business centre tucked as you enter, which had two computers and a printer for the odd printout such as a boarding pass, or some such stuff.

a desk with a computer and printer

a restaurant with food on display

There was also a large 6-seater board room, which I did not take a picture of. It was available for members to use, and I indeed blocked it off one evening for a video conference I was a part of, since my own room was getting a lot of sound from the Pool Party which was being organised below.

This particular Sheraton Club had an impressive bar, and was clearly built for scale. 10 people could sit at the bar itself. I don’t recall having seen a bar inside a hotel lounge recently.

a bar with black marble counter top and black chairs

a bar with a variety of drinks

a bar with chairs and a row of lights

Through the day, there were packaged juices, soft beverages, cold-pressed juices and coffee available for consumption, along with some light snacks.

a shelf with drinks and cans on it

a coffee machine next to a plate of coffee

a group of glass jars with different types of food in them

The Sheraton Club lounge also had a massive spread in the morning and evening for those who had access to the Sheraton Club. The evening spread was laid out at about 5 PM, and cocktail hours started at about the same time, where wine, spirits and cocktails were offered to members.

Here is a look at the massive evening spread, which I caught one of the evenings. I thought it was a lot of food, and I just sampled some of the stuff there.

a restaurant with food on the counter

There were warm snacks, such as Jalapeno Cheese Poppers, Onion Pakoras, Tandoori Gobhi, Chicken drumsticks and other stuff.

a table with food on it

There were also some nice Lamb Cruquettes and Pyaz Kachori, which I tried and was swooned by. a pans with food on it

On offer were salads and fruits as well.

a buffet table with food on it

a buffet table with plates of food on it

a group of fruit in bowls

There were chips and dips, and a whole lot of cold cuts as well.

two buckets of food with spoons and forks

a group of bowls of food on ice

a buffet with different types of food

There were countless breads as well.

a table with bread and bread in it

food on a counter in a restaurant

a group of pans with food in them

The Cheese counter was elaborate, to say the least.

a table with food on it

And it was very hard to resist the desserts.

a table with plates and candles

a table with different cakes and glasses

a table with different desserts and spoons

At the prime hour of 7 PM, the lounge was never very crowded over the 2 days I visited it. Since I was going to dine in one of the restaurants in the evening, I was trying to keep off the carbs here to my best capability.

In the evening, I hopped into the Chime Bar around the lobby, which had a whole lot of infused gin on offer.

a glass wall with a sign in front of a restaurant

Dinner was at InAzia, which is the Pan Asian restaurant for the hotel. I tried a few things including their dumplings and some of their entrees, and most stuff went very well with my palate, except for a chicken dish which was burning hot!

a room with tables and chairs

a plate of food on a table

a plate of food on a table

a plate of food on a table

a plate of food on a table

The next morning, I had some time before getting into work mode, so I decided to head down to the Feast all-day restaurant for breakfast. At about 7 in the morning, the restaurant was not very full. Again, not my first hotel buffet breakfast, but I was scratching my head about what to eat, with so many things out there.

There was a big salad station.

a kitchen with food on shelves

Given that Bangalore has a lot of traffic from Asia, especially Japan, there was a big Asian counter, including Miso Soup, noodles, and the works.

a buffet table with food on it

a chef in a restaurant

a group of silver containers with lids and spoons on a marble counter

Cold cuts of all sorts were there on offer.

food on plates on a counter

Yoghurt and Muesli.

a counter with food on it

Sat next to Butter Milk.

a group of clay pots with red cloth on a counter

And fresh juices.

a group of glasses of juice

With Whole Fruit and sliced fruit next to it. a group of plates of fruit on a counter

Alongside, a tonne of options for Indian breakfast, including the usual such as Poha, Vadas, Idli, Sambar and the works. There was also Poori & Bhaji.

a pan with food in it

a two pans of food on a counter top

a group of pots on a counter

There was an Indian dessert counter for breakfast. I don’t know anyone who eats Gajar ka Halwa for breakfast, but I did.

a group of bowls of food on a counter

The Cheese and Bread were elaborate as well.

a table with different food items on it

a table with bread and butter

Here is a look at the waffles and pancake that I did not partake in.

a counter with food on it

There was also an egg station as well as a live Parantha and a Dosa counter. I mostly ordered a Parantha and tried some of the other stuff such as Poha and Idli. The restaurant also managed to get me a good Masala Chai to wake me up.

The last day, since I had to depart by 8 am or so for an 1130 am flight, I hopped over to the club lounge at about 7 am for breakfast. Here are the breakfast options at the Club Lounge.

a large room with a large kitchen and a large table with food

a counter with food on it

a display of pastries in a bakery

a buffet table with food on it

a buffet with different food items on it

a group of pans with food in them

a group of pans with different types of sausages and bacon

a table with food on it

a table with plates of food

a group of bowls of fruit

a group of black containers with white labels on a counter

a shelf with jars of food

Again, there were live counters as well, at least for eggs. Although I was in a rush this morning, I did want to try out their Eggs Benedict. Unfortunately, the Eggs Benedict here neither looked too great to eat, nor did they taste very well. I also could not figure why were the slices of meat so big and fried. Perhaps trying it out in the main restaurant would have gotten me a different result?

a plate of food on a table

While I was on a tight time crunch on this trip and hence could not check into the gym for a workout, I snapped some pictures. The Pool and the Gym area are co-located, and the Gymasium had a good mix of equipment. You can access the Gym area with your hotel keycard 24 hours a day.

a pool with trees and buildings in the background

a pool with a fountain in the middle of a building

a pool with a bar and a bar stool

a room with exercise machines

a gym with exercise equipment

The hotel has over 360 rooms, and has the largest meetings and convention space in Bangalore as well.

a building with a green roof and a large building with glass windows


I had a flawless stay at the Sheraton Grand Bengaluru Whitefield. The hotel has some great staff, who are always ready to help, and the rooms are well-appointed. Not just that, the hotel also has an ideal location for those who want to stay in Whitefield, with a mall adjacent and a massive office complex as well. The restaurants I tried were all good, such as Chime, Feast and InAzia. No wonder the hotel almost always is going at about US$ 180- US$ 200 (INR 10,000 upwards).

Have you stayed at the Sheraton Whitefield Bangalore? What has been your experience with the hotel?

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+ Location is central
+ Spacious Well Appointed Rooms
+ Great helpful staff


- Distance from the airport (true for most of Bangalore)


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  1. Hi Ajay,
    This in depth review is in just in time.. I have a 2 night upcoming trip and was considering this as one of the options.. Just a couple of questions..

    1) Are kids allowed in the club lounge? (4-6 years old)
    2) I am looking for a Marriott property in BLR itself.. From a kids’ point of view, which one would you recommend..? (location not a constraint)


  2. Are the food and drinks complimentary in club lounges in hotels, you can save lot of money then by dining there? Who can access them, gold platinum members

    • @Gkcards, F&B is free for those who have access to the club lounges. For instance, in Marriott it is Platinum & above, and those who buy Club Rooms/Suites.

        • @AJ, no particular reason. I’ve been stuck in Bengaluru traffic over and over again, and I was arriving sort of late evening to be in BLR, so did not want to break my head with the cab proposition. In hindsight it turned to be a good call, given I did not have to break my head after a 45 minute delayed flight to get a cab.

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