American Express International Spend Offer: Upto INR 15,000 worth of vouchers

American Express is going big on targetted promotions this year. Earlier this year, they had a targetted promotion for overall spends. Now, they want to promote the use of your American Express card abroad, so they are now making a new offer for getting you to use your American Express abroad this vacation season with targetted international spend offers.

American Express International Spend Offer

The newest offer is a spend based offer for American Express Credit Cards, so it is being customised and sent to the inboxes. If you haven’t received one yet, wait for it! The offer is valid on the following credit cards:

American Express International Spend Offer

The offer is valid from May 20, 2019 to July 31, 2019 (inclusive of both days).

Here are all the offers that have been rolled out, to the best of my knowledge so far.

  • Spend INR 2,50,000 overseas, get INR 15,000 worth of Amex Travel Vouchers (Details)
  • Spend INR 1,50,000 overseas, get INR 10,000 worth of Amex Travel Vouchers (Details)
  • Spend INR 50,000 overseas, get INR 5,000 worth of Amex Travel Vouchers (Details)
  • Spend INR 20,000 overseas, get INR 2,000 worth of PayTM Movie Vouchers (Details)

These offers are stackable, so if you are registered for any other promotion mentioned above, your spends will count for both the offers. Except it is a net off offer, so if you spent $ 20 on for instance and got $5 credited back, only $15 will be counted for the offer.

Remember, any American Express Card on which the Offer is not applicable, if enrolled for the Offer, will not be considered eligible for the Offer.Spends in Nepal, Bhutan and Bangladesh do not count for the offer. The offer provides between 6-10% Return on Spend, over and above any other promotions you will have on your card account. Even after accounting for the 3.5%+GST conversion fee, you do get something in your pocket. The promotion is not just focussed on Point of Sale, so you can also use it for international transactions online.

Given American Express is going out with so many great offers this year, it may be one more reason to apply for a new American Express Credit Card this year. Remember, there are a few great offers going on on American Express cards this year:

Membership Rewards have a great use in my book, and can be converted into great holidays in India and abroad, so I am sold on them. The voucher fulfilment will be done by September 30, 2019, and the voucher will allow you to book Movies/Hotels.

What is your American Express International Spend offer?


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