Qatar Airways unveils new Economy class Product

Qatar Airways stole the show by launching QSuites at ITB Berlin two year ago. This year, Qatar Airways is back. Qatar Airways, at the ITB Berlin, unveiled a new Economy Class product, that will debut on their narrowbody fleet this year.

First, let’s talk about the new Qatar Airways Economy seat. The new Economy seat will feature:

  • Semi-fixed back shell seat with 19-degree recline system
  • Pre recline of 6 degrees during take-off and landing
  • 13.3 inch 4K IFE screens
  • USB C type with fast charging
  • Dual multi-functional table with a “drinks-only” position
  • Enhanced leg room
  • A new adjustable lightweight headrest

There are many firsts in this list. Qatar Airways beat Emirates to install 4k IFE screen in Economy. Emirates chose the Thales 4K Avant system and planned to install them on the upcoming Boeing 777X aircraft. Having said that, I am not sure how much of a difference does 4K make, at close contact level for the eyes, over Full HD.

Qatar Airways Economy Class

Qatar Airways new Economy Class seat

The Economy seat is a fixed shell, which means when the person ahead of you reclines, you don’t have to worry about him or her coming into your personal space. However, the seat will be slimline. The pre-recline feature is a nice addition. Qatar Airways is keeping up with technology as they will be installing USB C ports with fast charging. As there aren’t power outlets (only USB ports are there) to charge laptops in Qatar Airways Economy class, this is a welcome move.

Qatar Airways Economy class catering, Qsuine

Keeping in line with the promise of an enhanced Economy class product, Qatar Airways will introduce an enhanced catering called the Quisine. Quisine will roll out next month and will have

  • Larger portion size
  • More options
  • Retail style products and tableware
  • A bottle of water for everyone
  • Tailored for every region

Funny they mentioned the last one as they do provide one currently. Qatar Airways will also be going green with Quisine. They will increase recyclable and bio-degradable products and reduce single-use plastic.

The rollout of the new Economy class seat

Qatar Airways has 50 A321neo on order with the first A321neo scheduled to be delivered this year. The A321neo will feature the new economy class seats first and could come as soon as next month onwards. The A321neo will gradually replace the current narrowbody aircraft in Qatar Airways fleet. So expect to see them on routes to India, Africa and so-on in the near future.

Gradually all the widebody aircraft including the Boeing 777X will feature the new Economy class seat. All aircraft in Qatar Airways’ fleet will feature the new Economy class seat within five to eight years.


It is good to see Qatar Airways investing in Economy class where other airlines don’t pay much focus to. Any improvement is Economy is more than welcome. The slimline seats may be a dampener on long-haul flights, but can’t say anything just yet. Can’t wait to try the new Qatar Airways Economy class product on the A321neo. Even though it is not the one we expected it to be.

Are you excited for the new Qatar Airways Economy Class experience?

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