Deal: $650 Premium Economy Mumbai/Chennai to Los Angeles

There seems to be an amazing low premium economy fare that is going about right now to fly to the USA when you fly from Mumbai or Chennai over to Los Angeles in the coming weeks. At the moment, if you would like to fly to the west coast, you should be able to get tickets to the Premium Economy even cheaper than Economy class, like just $650 only.

These fares are available all the way through April at least, as I last looked. From Mumbai, you are looking at $700 (about INR 51K), and from Chennai, you are looking at $650 round trip fares.

Fares from Chennai to Los Angeles, including a 9-hour transit in Hong Kong, is $650

Fares from Mumbai to Los Angeles are at $700.

You need to just go through the fares week by week to see a date that you find which works to your convenience. Be informed that this ticket comes with Economy Class tickets to Hong Kong and Premium Economy from there to the USA. Just head to and start looking.

Do share if you choose to book one of these tickets. I’m back to what I was doing now!!


  1. Hi Ajay,

    Have you seen anything on Mumbai – MCO sector for May 2019. Also any super deals for Mumbai – LHR for June 2019.

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