American Express Lounge coming to Mumbai Terminal 2

American Express is the only card issuer in India which has invested in their lounges. This is in line with their global thought process where they spend money on installing high-quality facilities for their members. While the USA was the first to get the Centurion Lounge concept, India, for the longest time had a couple of American Express Lounges, at Delhi Terminal 3 and Mumbai Terminal 1C.

Delhi Terminal 3′ American Express Lounge is still my go to lounge whenever I am flying from Delhi Terminal 3, instead of the Plaza Premium Lounge which I usually get invited to. Reasons. A-la-carte dining off the menu, closeness to the gates and an exclusive, typically empty lounge. Not to forget, a view of the tarmac.

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Dining at American Express Lounge, Delhi Terminal 3

Dining at American Express Lounge, Delhi Terminal 3

So naturally, I was saddened when the Mumbai Amex lounge shut down. Even though Carnations Lounge was turning into a dump, American Express Lounge still had a premium menu and some excellent staff.

But now, American Express is shifting the goalpost. They are in preparation to launch a new lounge inside Mumbai Airport’s Terminal 2. As per American Express, the new lounge would be ready before the year ends.

Here is the description of the new lounge,

The all-new expansive proprietary lounge at Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport is located in the new Domestic Terminal 2. This is an exclusive space, with designer décor that will let you unwind before you take to the skies. Escape the chaos as you experience delicacies carefully crafted for you, as à-la carte offerings or as a sumptuous buffet.

While I am not sure of the name for this lounge (American Express Lounge, American Express Platinum Lounge, or the Centurion Lounge), I am very excited for this lounge to be coming up in Mumbai. Since Mumbai is my home, I, of course, need an American Express Lounge here.

The American Express Lounge in Delhi is accessible without a fee to the following cardholders:

American Express is still to make a formal announcement about this lounge, so watch out for more details about when and how to access this lounge.

How many of you are excited about the new American Express Lounge coming to Mumbai? Raise your hands

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  1. The Amex Delhi lounge is much better than Plaza Premium. However it is no more empty. Nowadays it is full. Also favourite food like paneer tikka sandwich, coconut water is always out of stock.
    In Mumbai the GVK lounge is best lounge so not sure if I will visit here Amex lounge if I have access to GVK Lounge

  2. I secretly wish it’s a Centurion Lounge. They say it is expansive and exclusive. There is a high number of Plats and Centurion in Mumbai and Corporate Centurion is on the way, so Mumbai might as well get a Centurion lounge. Also, given the fact that they are pointing to lounge as one of the reasons for hiked Platinum and Centurion fee, it would be strange if they allow Jet co-branded card as well.

    But then again, if it was a Centurion they would have been very clear in the email. Hard to see Amex miss an opportunity to show off, and Delhi lounge is usually empty even with Jet cards allowed, so it may very well be another regular/platinum lounge.

    • Hi checked today . The lounge was empty at 830AM. Jet Platinum card is not allowed. So quietly headed to GVK lounge pretending that anyway I wanted to access the huge lounge GVK has.

  3. Excellent. Thanks for sharing Ajay! While GVK lounge itself is excellent (I rate it one of the best in the world), hopefully Amex surpasses it.

    • Best in the world from a cuisine point of view (perhaps) the rest I am not sure about that. My vote for the best lounge would be the Latam Lounge in SCL Chile, the lounge is on 3 levels, multiple buffets, amazing chilled Wine and plenty of room to relax. Feels like an oasis of peace and style.

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