What are your pre-flight habits? Here are mine

This has been a question I’ve been long wanting to ask people. Everyone has their own habits or quirks related to travel, and I just wanted to put out some of mine and understand those of my readers to see how people tackle things in the world of travel. Here are my pre-flight habits.

Travel Habits

For me, when I refer to travel here, I am talking about international trips and not the domestic trips that happen on an urgent basis, for example, at 8 pm you decide to be flying for a meeting at 10 am next morning.

Here are some of mine:

  1. Packing at the last minute: While I usually would have brought out my clothes a day ahead and laid them out, I usually have so much to do before a trip that I end up moving packing to one of my last things on the agenda. Usually, I get by, but sometimes (rarely!) you do get egg in your face, for instance, missing out on trousers from a suit. Eh! I try and knock down everything I want to carry in a rollaboard, but there are times I am going on a longer trip such as 3 weeks, and I would have a bigger suitcase along.
  2. Eating an Indian meal: This is especially true for the times when I am heading to Europe or Americas. I grew up eating warm food, and I’d love me a warm meal before I head out into the western world where I would be living on a lot of exotic food, but not eating Indian warm food for sure. Because I focus on travel for Indians a lot, I do also try and eat an Indian meal on the plane to check out their Indian capabilities! I hardly remember times I’ve broken that rule for something more exotic.
  3. A hot shower before leaving home: Take note that flights from India to the West almost always originate late in the night, which means I’m usually flying after a full day at work and pretty tired. To sooth the nerves, I’ve made it a point to shower before I leave home for a long night, be it business class, first class or economy class!
  4. Dress up to fly: This is something I’m particular about as well and we touched upon in this earlier blog post. On a long flight, if I am not directly getting off the plane and walking into a meeting (I’ve done that!), I dress up in my jeans and T-shirt along with a sports coat to fly!

And of course, Shipra insists I put this on record, for these trips, the house is turned upside down if I don’t find something I need! So, yeah, that happens too! Time to do it all over again before my next flight!

What are your travel quirks/habits? I’m looking forward to hearing what do people to before they get set to fly away…

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  1. I love having to dress up just to fly. Agreed its become more common place to fly compared to many years before but its still nice to have to dress up.

  2. I take shower and have home food if going international. Also put USB wires in carry on luggage so that I can charge gadgets in flight. I do carry Cola Cans from Lounges to enjoy them mid air. Wear comfortable footwear for long haul flights.

  3. Hahahaha… Good post Ajay….

    Here are 4 of mine:
    1. Pack at least 24 hours in advance of my flight (if the trip is over 2 weeks), if lesser than about 6 hours.
    2. Eat an Indian Chinese meal, in my experience you can get any cuisine anywhere in the world. Some thing I desperately miss when overseas is authentic Indian Chinese cuisine. Nothing beats the taste of chilly chicken or a triple szechuan rice.
    3. Ensure my gadgets are all charged and some Netflix content is downloaded for offline viewing on my iPad. A constant pain point I feel is the content on inflight entertainments is usually outdated as I’m a frequent TV show watcher, in addition to being a frequent flyer.
    4. Grab one last smoke before the flight (not anymore since I quit smoking about 6 months ago). But yes, regardless if its a 40 minute flight or a 14 hour flight. One last smoke before I board was a ritual.

    PS: Good one Shipra.


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