Breaking: Spicejet IFE rolled out!

Airlines in India have been trying hard to break away from the commodity business of running an airline. So, they have been trying to add more bells and whistles, while prices continue to be low. Ever since Jet Airways launched the wireless JetScreen, their in-flight entertainment(IFE) product for the domestic market, airlines in India have been exploring the introduction of similar IFE services across their fleet. Vistara (re)launched their wireless IFE offering across their network this month, which allows passengers to stream content on their personal devices (phones and tablets) while in the air.

SpiceJet IFE

Spicejet today became the first no-frills Indian carrier to offer in-flight entertainment. They’ve launched SpicEngage, which is their offering of a Bring your own device IFE. Spicejet has tied up with Lufthansa Technik and is using their BroadConnect platform to power SpicEngage, and the airline informs us that IFE is live across their domestic and international network already.

spicejet ife

Like JetScreen, passengers will have to use their own device to use SpiceEngage in the aircraft, which is available for no extra charge. This is good news as no-frills players have a tendency to unbundle to be able to monetize their flyers.

To use SpicEngage, you would have to turn on the Wi-Fi on your phone, tablet or PC and connect to the SPICENGAGE network. Once connected, your browser should open up where you can pick your desired content including popular web series like ‘Permanent Roommates’ and ‘What the Folks’.

If you are not in the mood for videos or music, SpiceEngage has a portal where you can explore Spicejet’s travel packages and other deals, and their e-commerce platform as well.

SpiceJet confirms that the IFE service will be available across all SpiceJet flights, including their Q400 turboprops.


Spicejet IFE is a welcome move which will help flyers to make their flights more comfortable. In a space where ticket prices almost seem the same, this new platform will go a long way when it comes to differentiating their products in the market.

Have you used SpicEngage yet? How was your experience?


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