Mumbai Airport Terminal 1 has a new Lounge open

Mumbai’s Terminal 1 has been feeling like the stepchild ever since Terminal 2 opened up. Due to the unique set up of the airport terminal, which has been evolving over a long period, and only serves no-frill carriers at the moment, there has been no lounge access to the majority of the terminal for a very long time.

There used to be the Carnations Lounge, which shut down for renovation and opened up as the TFS Lounge in Terminal 1C. However, Terminal 1C, which has all the aerobridges (Gates 1-8), has separate secure access, so that works differently than the Terminal 1B, where Gates 9-20 operate from. There was an open lounge there, which did not do so well, and was shut down as well. Since then, no lounge at Terminal 1B, apart from a Bar doubling up as a lounge.

TFS Lounge Mumbai Terminal 1

TFS Lounge Mumbai Terminal 1

Now, this past weekend, a new Mumbai Airport Lounge T1 B has opened up. Called Oasis, the new lounge is going to be open 24 hours a day and will be available for admission by paying cash or with a few credit cards at the moment. This lounge has opened up on the mezzanine floor, where the earlier Loyalty Lounge used to be, above Coffee Day.

Mumbai airport Lounge T1

Oasis Lounge Terminal 1B

For cash, the price of the lounge access is INR 600 to INR 800, depending on the time of the day you gain access. Breakfast, High Tea and Midnight Hours will be for INR 600, and lunch and dinner hours will be for INR 800. While I haven’t been to the lounge so far, I’ve heard from others that it will have European, Asian and Indian food, along with a live bar. The bar is not included in the access cost. The capacity of the lounge is set at 45 people at a time.

In terms of Credit Card based access, HDFC Bank Visa Credit Cards (Infinite, Signature, Corporate) are all able to access the lounge at the moment with their credit card. I think I also saw the Yes Bank Rupay Cards being available to access this lounge right now, but not too many cards are offering this lounge at the moment. The opening of this new lounge is indeed welcome news to those who fly no-frill airlines.

Have you already visited the new Oasis Lounge at Mumbai Terminal 1B? Do share your thoughts if you have. 


  1. Visited there in marxh 2020, they dont accept hdfc regalia and IDFC visa signature. However they accepted ICICI coral

  2. Ur people accepting only hdfc card and axis card no other any bank cards.
    Saying no tie up with other cards.
    i was having 2 cards but not accepted by ur people really this inconvenience for passengers do the needful as soon as possible.

  3. Just Tried. They are rejecting saying only HDFC visa platinum is allowed and not the higher versions like Signature / Infinia. Other than this they say that they can accept Diners.

    • Strange…They dnt accept hdfc regalia or icici rubyx top card and accepting hdfc platinum which is a lower category card..The lady was quite rude..

    • I faced dis 2day…I own a HDFC regalia but they wanted HDFC platinum…also they said axis is accepted…so gave axis platinum. Debit card but they wanted axis Signature…

      They dont accept cards with complimentary priority pass access also…which is strange…

      So I said will pay…d charge was INR 999/-

      Btw it was by 7PM

  4. I just visited the lounge last week. At the time they were only accepting diner’s cards.

    Horrible experience though as the woman there insisted on noting the card number, expiry date onto a register even after swiping our credit cards. Perfect set up for fraud. Staff should really be trained better.

    • Any idea why was the lady noting the entire card number ? Generally last 4 digits is fine and expiry date. They do this also @ Delhi Plaza premium lounge.

      If you would have asked the reason it would helped getting to know other point of view and avoided unilateral perception creation.

      Cheers – Abhijeet

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