Mileage Mentor MasterClass: The Way Forward for 2020

A couple of years ago, when I was getting a lot of questions on my email, Twitter and Instagram all the time, I figured the least time-destructive way to answer them all would be to package a session with an introduction to loyalty programmes with an Indian perspective, along with an introduction to miles, points, their uses, how to earn and burn and so on. I can remember the first few sessions getting sold out in the early few hours. We had not figured out the technology yet for the payment gateway, so I was sending individual links to people to pay and register and so on.

From there, over the past five quarters, the Mileage Mentor MasterClass has established itself as India’s only educational property for those who want to learn how to make your money work for you on the spending side of the equation. Hundreds of people have walked through the doors, and we have had people come back the second time as well.

Mileage Mentor MasterClass Mumbai February 2019

The Mileage Mentor MasterClass has gone places, having travelled from Mumbai to Delhi to Gurugram to Hyderabad to Chennai to Pune to Bengaluru in the last five quarters. The intention never was to make it a travelling one, because it takes its toll on Shipra and me as well while organising the workshops. However, this passion was not one-sided. Over the 15 or so workshops we have held so far, people have travelled as well to attend. We have had Mumbai people fly to Bengaluru, Ahmedabad people come to Mumbai, Coimbatore go to Delhi, and Jalgaon peeps go to Chennai. Almost every workshop has had at least one or two people from out of town, so it is not just us as the organisers who are travelling.

Mileage Mentor MasterClass 2020

But as we enter 2020, we will be planning a few Mileage Mentor MasterClass sessions this year as well, and we look forward to hearing from you about your interest, by commenting below with the number of people and the city you would like to attend the workshop in. I can’t commit that we will be going all over the place, but we sure can try. Alternatively, you can register your interest on as well, and we will be in touch. You can also send an email to register your interest.

Mileage Mentor MasterClass Advanced

What next is what a lot of the Alumni of the Mileage Mentor MasterClass ask us. We do want to educate you, even more, to help you maximise your travel experience at the lowest possible cost, but I can’t be taking the mike on and speak for a day or two at length. So, we are talking to some experts on certain topics to see if we can line them up as speakers for an Advanced event. If you think you have the skills to share and are passionate about miles, points and loyalty programmes, send me an email along with your area of expertise, and we can pick up the discussion from there.

Private Sessions

Loyalty programmes are not as big a life skill as knowing how to swim and how to write and speak, but I do believe that for a certain segment of us, it is a must-have skill. For instance, consultants. I’ve met enough of them to know that while some are on top of their game, others are practically sitting on a goldmine but are not educated about it to use it. They swipe the worst card possible, fly coach while they could fly business perhaps at the same cost and are generally taking what is given to them as fait accompli. While I’m already talking to a couple of organisations who are interested in hosting a speaking session with their audience, if you think you work in an organisation where these skill sets would be useful, please do connect with me over email.

Private Consulting

Let me also take a moment to remind you that in December 2019, I launched private consulting sessions. We’ve already done a few of these since December 2019, and the purpose of these sessions is to have a freewheeling conversation about a particular specific issue or requirement you may have. If you’d like, you could book a session here. If you are in Mumbai, you can also hop into our office for a coffee along with the chat.

Design your 2020 strategy

This being the beginning of the year, it is a great time to take some calls on how to streamline your travels and spending to maximise results for you and your family. I have brought up a few slots on my calender be able to work with individuals to plan their 2020 goals and strategy, and then assess the effectiveness a few months down the road to change track if needed or do more of the same.  Due to paucity of time, this would only be limited to 10 people, and you can book a spot here. Once you book a spot, I get in touch with you to get some legwork done beforehand so that we can jump into discussion mode once we talk.

As always, the website continues to remain a free reading for everyone, and I will continue to spend time here to make sure the most of us can benefit from miles and points. 


  1. Hi Ajay,
    You may consider using online meetings and/or web conferencing tools for your audience who are not in any Metro cities. I’m sure many will benefit from your workshops.

  2. Hi Ajay

    When are you having your next Mileage Mentor Masterclass? I am from Kolkata and am interested to attend in a Metro city, if not in Kolkata.

  3. Hi Ajay
    I hold DCB, amex mrcc , platinum travel and sveral other low key cards. Over last 2 years I have earned 5 lakh diners points. 90000 mrcc points . 45000 jp miles ( through scout only).
    My only travel is for leisure. I have a sedentary office job. I recently flew vistara business and stayed in Oberoi property through mmt black program. So you think your class could help me achieve more?

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