Marriott indefinitely delays online contest!

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the Marriott Megabonus Promotion 2018 where you could earn bonus points on each stay and extra points when you stay at different brands. An online contest too was supposed to go live on October 4, 2018, but even as of today the contest is not live yet.

Marriott Megabonus Promotion 2018

Marriott Hotels had announced that they will be launching an online game called ’29 Ways to Stay’ as part of their Marriott Megabonus Promotion. It was supposed to last for four weeks where participants had a chance to win free stays and bonus Marriott Rewards points. The grand prize? Stays across all 29 Marriott brands.

I had a fun time participating in last year’s Twitter contest, so naturally, I was all wired up at 7:00 PM India time on October 4 to see what kind of a challenge would Marriott be throwing at me this time around. To my dismay, all I could find that was Marriott’s announcement that the online game is not ready yet.

Hence I waited for a day, which turned into a week, but there was no contest. Today, while I was hunting for something on their website, I revisited the promotion page. Everything looked in order except for one thing. There was no mention of the contest. Neither in the headlines nor in the terms and conditions. This either means that Marriott has indefinitely delayed this aspect of the promotion, or it has done away with the game altogether.


Marriott’s Megabonus Promotion is their first major promotion after the Marriott-SPG merger back in August this year. And just as we observed during the merger, it looks like Mariott is still to get its IT game on point. As the online game is removed from the promotion page itself, my best guess is that Marriott will relaunch it as part of a future promotion. But, if you haven’t registered for the promotion yet, I’d highly recommend you do that already.

Do you think Marriott jumped the gun on this one? 


  1. Sorry…..its live and I won 2,000 points. This blog post is totally and completely wrong.


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