Lufthansa launching new tea onboard

Lufthansa, in their newest effort to identify with Indian customers, has signed on a new Indian tea brand to be served on board. This means, on your next flight, you get Indian Lufthansa tea.

Remember, Lufthansa has for the longest time, been using an Indian approach to get the Indian audiences’ eye after British Airways won the tear match.

Lufthansa has partnered with Chaayos, Delhi-NCR based tea chain, to bring onboard unique blends of the Indian masala tea exclusively created for the airline. Effective May 2018, passengers travelling on Lufthansa to/from India can savour the authentic Indian masala chai featuring a special blend of high-quality natural ingredients, including Assam tea, dried ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper and cloves, with no added artificial flavours.


Lufthansa’s association with Chaayos started in 2015 as part of the Lufthansa Runway to Success initiative. Chaayos was an episodic winner and a Lufthansa Runway to Success Season 3 finalist and has become the market leader in the chai cafe space since then.


This is one more stroke from Lufthansa to appeal to the Indian audience. F&B tie-ups are nothing new in the world of airlines. Vistara tied up with Starbucks, Jet Airways back in the day tied up with Subway and Krispy Kreme, and the list goes on. The good part about Lufthansa’s tie-up is that this particular brew is not just for premium cabins but across the board on the flight. So everybody gets a cuppa.

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