Lufthansa offers discounts for travels from AsiaPac & Middle East stations to Europe

Lufthansa has teamed up with Mastercard for a promotion that spans most of their Asia Pacific and Middle East stations under coverage. Uptil January 31, 2011, you can head to a special website and drop your name and email address to get yourself a special one-off discount coupon in your email from Lufthansa.

Lufthansa Discount page for India

The deal basically produces a discount coupon which can be applied on your account when you are trying to make a booking from one of these countries listed below to fly on Lufthansa to Europe, via Take note, this excludes everything except for LH code flights. Travel for tickets booked on this voucher have to be between 07 November 2011 and 14th May 2012. Also, they are offering one discount coupon per person during the entire promotion. Also, the terms of the coupon that arrives does not state that you have to necessarily book on LH. You could do it on any CC.

I did not get to check for all locations, but this looks like there is about 50$ worth of discounts in there (in your local currency). For India, for instance, there is a 2,500 INR discount. This offer is valid for travel from the UAE, Egypt, Indonesia, Singapore, South Africa, India, China, HongKong, Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Republic of Korea, Australia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Bahrain, Qatar, S. Arabia, New Zealand and Viet Nam.

All inclusive, this would be a small saving on your ticket costs, but I’d assume it is still better than nothing at all 😉

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