Fly First Class at 70% discount with LifeMiles!

Ever wanted to fly in premium cabins, sipping champagne without raiding your savings? Redeeming air miles would be your best option there. But all miles are not created equal. From the Star Alliance pack, Avianca’s LifeMiles can offer tremendous value on bookings. You can either earn miles by flying or buy miles outright.

LifeMiles purchase bonus singles day

Currently, there is a LifeMiles purchase bonus promotion going on where you can receive up to 140% more miles when you buy miles, bringing the cost to about INR 1 per mile.

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And with all those miles will get you some fantastic award flights.

Mumbai – Tokyo return in ANA Business Class for 96,000 LifeMiles

LifeMiles purchase bonus

If you max out the bonus, you are effectively paying close to INR 1/Mile. For 96,000 LifeMiles, you can fly to Tokyo from Mumbai on All Nippon Airways. If you were paying cash, the same flight would’ve cost you close to INR 2,00,000 (USD 2,759). That’s a 50% saving right there.


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Mumbai to Tokyo on ANA Business Class for 48,000 LifeMiles

Mumbai – Newark return on United Polaris for 156K LifeMiles
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United’s Polaris is one of the better business class products out there if you want to fly direct to the US from India. A round trip sometime next month would set you back by INR 5,00,000 or USD 7,059. But you could do the same trip for less than 1/3rd the price if you go the LifeMiles way.

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Mumbai to Newark on United Airlines Business Class for 78,000 LifeMiles

Seoul to Los Angeles on Asiana First Class for 90,000 LifeMiles

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Some of the best value that you can unlock using LifeMiles is when you fly First Class. One of the vital caveat with LifeMiles that your Star Alliance partner redemptions have to be on direct flights. And not a lot of members fly their First Class equipped metal to India. But that doesn’t stop you from redeeming miles on other flights around the globe. Fly from Seoul to Los Angeles for 90,000 LifeMiles. This number might sound like a lot, but when you consider that a cash ticket on the same route would cost INR 2,77,000 (USD 3,830), the miles make your flight cheaper by more than 60%!

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Seoul to Los Angeles on Asiana Airlines for 90,000 LifeMiles

And the best part about Avianca LifeMiles redemptions is that there is no extra fuel surcharge or taxes. If you’d like you to buy LifeMiles for cheap, head over to their website and buy them before November 12, 2018. Here are some key terms to keep in mind:

  • This promotion applies for miles purchases made between November 9 and November 12, 2018 (between 00.00-23.59 GMT -6, El Salvador). The bonus percentage applies as follows:
    • for purchases from 1,000 – 50,000 LifeMiles receive 2×1 +15% additional miles
    • for purchases from 51,000 – 100,000 LifeMiles receive 2×1 + 30% additional miles
    • for purchases from 101,000 – 200,000 receive 2×1 + 40% additional miles.
  • The bonuses are calculated based on the miles purchased per individual transaction without taking into account the 2×1 bonus.
  • This promotion is exclusive for LifeMiles member that have received this email directly from LifeMiles.
  • The maximum miles to purchase per transaction during this promotion is 200,000 LifeMiles.
  • Additionally, the maximum miles that a member can receive during the promotion, including applicable bonuses is 480,000 miles, minus the miles that the member has previously purchased in 2018 and their respective bonuses.


You can unlock some amazing value using Avianca LifeMiles for Star Alliance partner award flights. And with this LifeMiles purchase bonus, you get more than double the LifeMiles for the same price. If you have an upcoming trip in mind, make sure to check for award space availability before you go buying LifeMiles.

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