You no longer need to remove laptops at Mumbai and Delhi Airports for security

As a flyer, the slowest on-ground process while flying domestically has to be clearing security. Over the years the lines have only become longer. The usual drill involves you to remove your laptops and liquids from your carry-on bags and place them on separate trays for scanning. This may soon become a thing of the past as authorities in India are working on a process where you won’t need to remove your laptops at the security checkpoint.

laptops at airport security

The Bureau of Civil Aviation Safety (BCAS) has green-lighted a new initiative where sophisticated CT based 3D scanning will be used by Central Industrial Security Force(CISF) personnel to scan carry on bags. This system will eliminate the need for removing laptops at airport security. Currently, this system is being piloted in Mumbai and Delhi on an experimental basis. So, only a few posts may be using this new system. If successful, this new system may become a permanent fixture at Indian airports.

Over the years, passenger traffic in India has been growing in double digits. And existing infrastructure just isn’t able to keep up with this hunger for air travel. This problem is quite evident in smaller airports like the one in Goa and Nagpur. While there are hacks like the Interim International terminal in Hyderabad, the best way to manage this foot-fall in the short term would be to optimize processes on the ground. From self-bag drops to e-boarding, new innovations help shave off a couple of minutes from each process. And this new initiative should further ease your travels on the ground.


The decision to allow carry-ons without requiring passengers to remove their laptops and liquids is a welcome move. But at the same time, new initiatives like these will only work out when passengers co-operate with security personnel with regards to what they can and cannot carry in their bags. After all, how many times have you seen security lines getting choked up because of a fellow passenger hoped to slip in a bottle of water or a can of deodorant through security?

Have you experienced the security check process with this new rule yet? Do share your experience below. 


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