KLM Mumbai to Amsterdam flight to go daily from October 2019

Air France-KLM, Virgin Atlantic and Delta have been increasing their presence in India ever since Jet Airways shut a few weeks ago. Jet Airways was a key partner for the Air France/KLM/Delta/Virgin Atlantic joint venture, bringing traffic from India to their hubs in Paris/Amsterdam/London, from where the other carriers would pick up the transatlantic leg for North America, mostly the USA.

KLM is advancing the debut of the Boeing 787-10 on Indian routes as well as adding capacity from Amsterdam to Mumbai and Delhi. KLM announced the launch of 3x weekly Bangalore – Amsterdam route with a 787-9. Virgin Atlantic is re-launching daily flights on Mumbai – London Heathrow route.

KLM Mumbai Amsterdam

KLM 787-9

Earlier, KLM had increased frequency on Mumbai-Amsterdam route to 5x weekly for winter 2019 season. But with KLM getting their Amsterdam slots backs which they had given to Jet Airways, KLM will increase frequency to daily on Mumbai-Amsterdam route in a gradual manner.

From September 6, 2019, a fourth weekly rotation will be added with a 787-9.

KL877 AMS1425 – 0215(+1day)BOM 789 157
KL878 BOM0400 – 0940AMS 789 126

KL877 AMS1215 – 0005(+1day)BOM 789 4
KL878 BOM0220 – 0800AMS 789 5

From September 23, 2019, a fifth weekly rotation will be added.

KL877 AMS1425 – 0215(+1day)BOM 789 157
KL878 BOM0405 – 0940AMS 789 126

KL877 AMS1215 – 0005(+1day)BOM 789 34
KL878 BOM0220 – 0745AMS 789 45

KLM Mumbai Amsterdam

Business class onboard KLM 787-9

From September 29 to October 21, 2019, KLM will operate a 787-10 on Mumbai – Amsterdam route only on Sunday departure from Amsterdam (Monday departure from Mumbai) instead of a 787-9.

From October 27, 2019, KLM will fly daily on Mumbai-Amsterdam route with the following schedule.

KL877 AMS1150 – 0040(+1 day)BOM 789 D
KL878 BOM0230 – 0725AMS 789 D

For now, KLM has maintained 3x weekly service on Mumbai-Amsterdam route for Summer 2020 season effective March 30, 2020, but that may change.

Will you be travelling on KLM Mumbai to Amsterdam flight anytime soon?

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